Film: 9104

Natural History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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The desert in USA 1960's

Deserts, sand dunes, and sandstone stacks, dry cracked ground, cacti. Semi- arid desert in Arizona, U.S.A., North America. Very tall cacti. Sandstorm in desert. Snow in the desert as result of cold desert night. Ice melting on cactus. Storm clouds approaching, the spring rains. Heavy rain. A soaked rat trying to find shelter, a tortoise pulls its head into its shell for shelter, a snake in the rain. River created by storm in the desert. Cut to the next day and the dried out river bed. Yellow flowers in desert, annuals with a short life span. Cactus in blossom. Tortoise eating cacti fruit. Bees pollinating cacti flowers. Humming bird. Cactus roots which could store a ton of water. Close up of cactus spines. Close up of creosote bush leaves which are waxy to conserve moisture. A rabbit drinking at a pool of water. A peccary. A squirrel eating berries. A kangaroo rat. A desert hare. A tortoise walking very slowly towards shade. It falls down bank and lands on its back. Lizards basking in the afternoon sun. A lizard being eaten by a bird. Heela monster cracking and eating eggs from nest. A cougar cat with its prey. Vultures in flight and in distance. The setting desert sun. An owl at night. A desert fox. A scorpion attempting to hide from and then being eaten by desert fox. A skunk; badger digging; deer; a coyote chasing a mouse. A black and yellow snake. Sunrise in the desert. Lizard emerges from sand in the morning and darts off. Banded sand snake digging itself into the sand to hide from sun. Side winder rattlesnake on the move. Kangaroo rat returning to hole to hide from sun and thereby preserve moisture. Tarantula spider on the move. Irrigation system introduced into Arizona Desert. Voice over asks how this will effect the balance of nature in the area.

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