Film: 9106

Natural History | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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African wildlife 1950's

Elephant with enormous tusks approaches lions. The lions retreat. Elephants in the African grasslands. Elephant eating grass and from trees, pulls down branches with trunk. Cleaning eye with trunk. Herd of elephants complete with young. Baby elephant finding it difficult to keep up with mother; playing and chasing birds. Elephants giving themselves a dust bath. Large herd of elephants. Elephants drinking from pool and walking in it. Washing and cooling down in water. Elephant in deep water. Elephants rubbing their bottoms on rocks. Elephant mud bath. Elephants finding it difficult to get up bank of pool / river. Hippopotamus in river, marshy water. Hippos frolicking in mud. Hippo on land and running. Hippos fighting in water. Hippos opening their mouths very wide. Underwater photography: hippos swimming being followed by fish; crocodile swimming under water.

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