Film: 9110

Aviation | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A history of aviation from 1900 to 1939.

Wright Biplane (in France, Europe ?)
Primative convertiplane
Curtiss Pusher
Avro 504
Curtiss Jenny bombing
Curtiss Jenny training
Eddie Rickenbacker
"Flower plane"
De Havilland DH4 mailplane
Farman Goliath
Farman Goliath Interior
Douglas NC4 Atlantic crossing
Ford Trimotor
"Novelties" Helicopter; Sesquiplane; ?
Fokker F7 (U.S.A. build)
LTs Mcready and Kelly flew New York - San Diego non stop
Douglas World Cruisers - Two completed course in 75 days, 30,000 miles
Byrd, Floyd-Bennet in Fokker F7/3M; Arctic flight to North Pole
1927 - Nungesser and Coli in Breguet attempted Paris, France- New York, but lost
1927 - Lindbergh flew Ryan New York - Paris, 3,600 miles
1927 - Art Gobel flew California - Hawaii
1927 - Wiley Post flew Lockheed 'Winnie May'
1928 - Kingsford-Smith flew Fokker F7/3M 'Southern Cross' U.S.A - Australia
1928 - Sir Hubert Wilkins flew Lockheed Vega North America - Europe via Pole
1928 - Amelia Earhart
1929 - Carl Spaatz / Ira Eaker Fokker F7 "Question Mark", air-to-air refueling
1930 - Dornier DOX, 12 engines, 130 mph cruise
1931 - Dornier DOX flew Canarie Islands - New York
1932 - Amelia Earhart first woman to fly Atlantic solo
1933 - 24 X SIAI-Marchetti S55 seaplanes flew Italy - Chicago - Gen. Balbo
1930's Roscoe Turner in Gee Bee racer (Granville Brothers = GB)
Jimmy Dolittle flies Vultee V1 over Andes
Howard Hughes in Lockheed 14
Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan (died 1995) flew east from New York - Ireland (he set off for California).
Ends with Sikorsky helicopters and Boeing B29 over Wright Brothers' Memorial.

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