Film: 9111

Medicine | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Mental health and psychology 1920's

Cotton factory, Manchester.
Tailor's shop (1920s tailor serving in window). Half price sale. Expensive tailor's shop. Early psychology of learning through experience and nervous system. Doing exercises. Baby with dummy. Boy with pen.
Man late for work tries to mend ways. Boy on bike.
Army Psychiatry and Social work.
Diagrammatic representation of body and skeleton, likening it to factory. Huge weaving loom. Large amounts of bales of castor. Diagram of war office works. Another diagram likens this to body's function.
Tailor's shop with tailor repairing garments in window. He sews. Sign in door says. "Repairs" and in smaller writing, a list of prices for alterations is included. Tailor places sign in window "Reduced to Half-price" - a sale. Over time the tailor succeeds by choosing "good lines". Men look in window of gentlemen's outfitters. Man sits at desk and talks to subordinate. Other man leaves. Manager makes telephone call with old two-piece telephone. Unhappy two year-old boy cries when he hurts himself on a plank. The psychology of learning through experience. Thistle. Diagram showing how child learns by experience. We see ideas of " pretty flower", "pain", " leave it alone" and the diagram of the boy removing his hand "Thought is quicker than action". This is the way habits are formed. Demonstration of toddler learning to walk. Filmed outdoors, The child is helped by her mother, and wears a harness. Two children walk in park with trees in background.
Need to keep body fit in order to have healthy mind. Young man in white gym kit exercises in front of camera. He ends in "star shape". Office manager checks files before filing away. Man and four boys sit on grass in country. Three boys pay attention to what man is saying. Fourth has turned sideways and smokes, not paying attention.

Slightly larger shot of the same with 10 boys in frame. Diagram shows that with practice, algebra is no longer a burden but a pleasure.
Baby smiles and has dummy in mouth as it sits in the sun. Baby is happy and claps. A habit of sucking things needlessly has been formed. Ten year-old boy poring over school books concentrates with his pen in his mouth. How to break bad habits? Man signs into 'clocking In' book. Registers late. The man is seen sitting at his desk. He writes in his diary "late at work (never again)". Four ways of not being late are written down: "Buy alarm clock", " not pull my curtains overnight", " Arrange to meet George at station every morning", " Tell all the family about it". Animation of George's alarm going off next day. Teenage boy cycles in country. Stops at signpost at crossroads which reads "Men's Sava in Corpore Savo" or " A sound mind in a healthy body". Boy cycles off, arriving at sign.

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