Film: 9112

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Jaipur Rajasthan in India - a city that offers "culture and history with pride" tourist travelogue 1950's

A map of India with a quotation showing ''this is India.'' and then, '' Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.''

A view from above of the city. A different angle of the city. The East gate, and people are going through the arch of the gate. Bustling streets surrounded with historical buildings. Emphasis is on the building called the ''hole of the wind'', another significant piece of architecture. Same building from a different angle. People are walking in the street and a black jeep driving. Two camels are also on the move. A cow wandering seeking food. A calf tries to eat cauliflower but a child pushes the calf away. Mawari women dressed in colourful saris and with children. The women buying vegetables. A close up of red chillies in a basket. A merchandiser with long beard in clothes. Children lying on the floor in the street. More vegetable businesses. An entrepreneur.

The palace of Maharajah ( the great king) of Jaipur. A view of all of the palace. An entrance to the palace as two men open the doors, very picturesque. Beautiful architecture. A close up of an elephant. A colourful building which is historical but still looks as new. The front building is in red and one behind is white. Rajput warriors in their traditional outfit. A close up of a Rajput soldier looking proud. Focus on a Rajput and then shifts to the other men. A Rajput soldier comes out of a building: his beard is split is in two, facing opposite direction and then he roams it apart, subsequently to his moustache (eh??). A view of the palace inside and focus lies on the peacock gate. In superb detail of peacock on the ceiling. More beautiful peacock on the wall. Now a live peacock eating with its beak. The palace. Another part of the palace where Maharaja lives. Durba Hall. The lavishly decorated hall with chandeliers. A red throne for the Maharaja and two soldiers stand on both sides. The view of the spectacular hall. On the ground of the palace is the observatory with quadrants. A close up of a quadrant. A close up of a giant hollow sphere. Another round complicated instrument of astrology and a man turns it. A man goes up an observatory and it is high.
Now it is a street of the city. A flamboyant elephant carriage, dressed in silver and other jewellery. Profile of elephants in a row. An extravagant elephant carriage. A close up of the elephant as it comes nearer to the camera. Three elephant carriages. Also there are dressed up camels for the occasion. The palace pageantry. The extravagantly dressed elephant. More pageant in the street of Jaipur. Elephant and people are on the road for display. An elephant carrying a golden seat on its back, a symbol of India for Kingship. More pageantry with elephants. A procession of displayers through the east gate to the city centre. Decorated cavalry horses, very glamorous. Cavalrymen and elephant men are on the move for more show to impress public behalf of Maharajah. An elephant in battle gown. A close up of the detail of the outfit. Procession. More procession.

A normal building of Jaipur and at the other end of it is the ''Gem Palace Jewellers.'' Two men crafting a silver crafted pageantry elephant and a white craft of a woman sitting on a back of a camel. Craftsmen making more with silver. A close up of them crafting. A closer image of them crafting. A close up of a young man's design on tray crafts and more crafts from silver to ivory, very breathtaking. A beautiful crafted chess men made with precious stones. More precious items. A souvenir for tourists.

Another beautiful palace in Rambag, three miles away from Jaipur city, where present Maharajah transferred his residency. A beautiful garden. A green lawn surrounded with different coloured flowers, very refreshing. A fountain. A palace. Three bodyguards parading. More parade. Red flowers and green lawn. A beautiful garden. A gate of the garden. A horseman playing. It is a polo match between princes. More game. A slow motion of the game.

Surrounded with mountains is a temple. The temple. Two sadhu, the holy men, are on the move. A closer view of the white temple. A woman carrying many kalash, water container for household purposes, on her head to sell. A ruin. This time it is from a different angle with fortresses. More buildings. An elephant carrying people. Local people. Mountains. A view from the palace of Jaipur, the pink city.

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