Film: 9113

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


A travelogue film presenting the sights and sounds of Hyderabad, India, showing its famous historical places, 1950's.

The film opens with a long distance panning shot of Hyderabad. We then move to the scene of the 'Blue Danube' of Hyderabad lake. We see several scenes of small boats on the lake. Then a busy urban road in the City. A traffic policeman directs the very busy traffic, there are rickshaws on the road being pulled by men. The rickshaws drive toward camera, they are on two wheels and are covered by a canopy, some are driven by bikes, others by horse. There is a huge palatial hospital building. Some Indian men are sitting on grass in the hospital gardens. We then see the law courts. Women are washing white linen laundry by a river, there is a bridge nearby. A man dries a white garment on a rock, beating it to get the water out. We see the so called 'Arc de Triumph of the East', an impressive looking stone structure. We then see a French constructed Pier by the riverside.

We are now at the 'Jolconda' Fort. Mounted on the top of the fort are some heavy looking iron guns. Outside the fort, children are on a kind of makeshift merry go round, swing round at speed. The camera lingers over the magnificent white Mughal palace. A young Muslim girl watches fish swimming in the water pool within the palace. Traders are shown on dusty streets making fabrics using metal equipment, examples of intricate embroidery are displayed for the viewer.

We move to several scenes outside of a fort constructed by Hindu prince in 12th century. Inside a mausoleum of an Islamic leader. We are shown some Buddhist caves, the narrator states that the caves are memorials to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Some shots inside the cave of carvings in the walls, a carving of shiva, god of destruction. There is footage of one of the 'wonders of the world', a temple carved out of a rock face, reckoned to have taken around 100 years to complete. There are then some caves reckoned to be up to 2,500 years old, including paintings of buddha. Colour paintings of Indian women adorn the walls of the cave. The film finishes with an establishing shot of the entire city in the near distance.

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