Film: 9115

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Shop windows of Italy 1950's

View of Naples, Italy in summer from a balcony, most of the city can be seen with bay to the right and the volcano, Vesuvius, in the distance, camera moves to show middle-aged man sitting on balcony working at table containing sea shells and tools. Close up of man's face, whistling as he works. Another close up of man's face. Hands carving Classical image of three figures onto shell with sharp tool. A selection of sea shell cameos all with Classical figures and views. Cameos on display in a shop window. Close up of oval shaped cameo depicting white frolicking male and female figures on a red background. A similar cameo depicting a woman's head and shoulders. A third cameo depicting a male angel with wings embracing a woman. Another cameo again of a woman's head and shoulders. Close up of large shell decorated with view of Naples bay.

Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy seen from the bottom, people walking and sitting, stalls, horse drawn carriages and parked cars can be seen. Shop with red awnings on Via Condoti in Rome, tram cars and bicycle passes, people walk past shop and some stop to look in windows. Close up of two women looking in window, one older, one younger. Close-up of large diamond and diamond necklace on a stand. Another stand in window with emerald ring, earrings and necklaces. Close up of emerald earrings. A ruby ring, a diamond ring and an emerald ring all placed on display stands. Close up of earring with square green stone and diamonds. A decorated white cloth bag with gold and blue jewels. Shop window containing pots and pans, several people looking in. Eight rectangular dishes decorated with designs from playing cards. Close up of dish with circular designs. View from inside shop window of woman and small girl looking in. Well dressed, groomed and made-up woman looking into window as she passes. Flower arrangements of roses in a shop window, designed to look like flowers in barrows, under umbrellas on steps. Painting of church at top of Spanish steps.

Street in Florence, parked cars, cars passing, pedestrians and Baroque building with statues. Two well dressed women walk off street into entrance of shop, shop window display is to the left containing decorated linen, a statue and some flowers. Window display with red ladies' jacket with white decoration, beige linen with floral motifs and white handkerchiefs with floral decoration. Two women seen entering shop now enter room in shop with clothes displayed on the walls, the women watch as shop assistant takes an item of clothing from a chest of drawers. Display on shop wall of coloured handkerchiefs and a woman's grey top with white frill. Shop window display of ladies' shoes, white flowers and a red handbag, one red high heeled shoe is on a wooden stand. View from inside shop window looking onto small piazza with column, two young, smart women approach the window and look in. Close-up of silver coloured high heeled shoe on display. Close-up of one of two young women looking in window. Two red shoes in a display with a picture of a red shoe to the rear. Another shoe, black with multi-coloured decoration. A red ladies' shoe with a frilled 'collar'.

Fountain in Florence in a market, the fountain is in the shape of a wild boar with water running from its mouth, a man waters a bunch of flowers in the fountain. A market underneath tall stone columns, various stalls and crowded with people. A view of two stalls, one covered in straw goods of many colours, a man and several women examine a piece of cloth. Close up of a straw bag hanging on the stall. A woman customer at the stall delves in her purse, hands some money to the female stall keeper, is handed a brown paper package and moves away, pausing to handle some blue shoes. The stall with variety of straw hats, bags and shoes. Same stall, from a distance. The same market surrounded by columns with pedestrians and cyclists passing.

Display case containing many coloured, cut and polished stones. Another case with more stones. A selection of coloured stones and jewellery including a pearl necklace. Close up of variety of stone jewellery. Stone jewellery. Close-up of three necklaces with selection of coloured stones. Italian street with tall, old buildings on each side, horse drawn carriages and cars. Close-up of antique chest, ornately decorated. Smaller chest brightly decorated with floral pattern.

Milan, street from above, blue awnings over shop windows, pedestrians and cars. Another street seen from above, cars both parked and driving, pavement with pedestrians. Fashionable women walk along pavement. Two of these women stop and look in a shop window. Shop window filled with various bottles of perfume. Another view of same window. Close-up of bottle of "Ingrid' perfume mounted on stand with red curtains to side and cushion and sceptre to the front. The two women discuss what they see. Close-up of an ink bottle with a quill inserted in the top. Close-up of a ring mounted in its box. More fashionable women look in window and discuss. More perfume bottles in the window. The women at the window, one puts on some multi-coloured sunglasses. Another shop with two windows both of which have women looking in. Shop window display containing black handbag, white dress with black spots, flowers and white handkerchief. Another view of same display.

A large square in Turin, a policeman is directing traffic by a traffic light. Statue of topless reclining woman, the statue is on top of a water fountain. Next to the fountain a crowd is gathered, immediately in front a small car is parked and a woman in a long fur coat leans against it. The woman's head and shoulders, she wears long earrings, has brown hair and red lipstick. Another woman with the same appearance in front of the statue. A third woman, again the same they are models). All three women stand together by the car, in front of the statue, a man with a camera and tripod takes their photo as they pose. The women and the photographer walk to the rear of the car, the crowd is still watching.

St. Marks Square in Venice filled with pedestrians. The square again with pedestrians and cafes. The square partially obscured by arch. Close-up of lace on a red background. A well dressed woman carrying her purse looks into shop window and discusses with another woman. Shop display with lace and white linen. A shop with piazza in foreground, people walk past, to the left is a fountain full of bathing pigeons. Shop window display of white sculptures of thin men with tall hats in various positions. Glass sculptures of sombrero wearing musicians, multicoloured vase and candlesticks. A man and two women discuss items in the shop. Glass sculpture of a basket containing fruit and covered in grapevines. Glass decoration hanging on a wall, abstract view of a man and a woman. Glass sculpture of fish in fish tank. Close-up of fish sculpture. A glass vase and glass horse in front of painting of St. Marks Square. Cupola in Venice. Church steeple, weather vane and statues. Statues on a rooftop. Statue of gold lion with wings on side of building.

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