Film: 9116

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Industrial safety in the workplace based on 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, with a view to cleaning hands in order to avoid dermatitis and infection after an industrial accident 1970's

"The working hand is extremely versatile" Shot of smelters hands at work smelting. Shot of Indian girl in traditional dress, camera closes in on her very dainty looking hands, narrator contrasts the versatility of the working hand. A shot of the front page of the 'Health and Safety at Work Act 1974'. A mauled hand lays on a table, being tended to by a nurse at work. Workers at a factory operate large machinery. Foundry workers are shown, pushing along molten rock. Pharmaceutical workers are shown wearing white gloves as they count out white pills and put them in bottles. The narrator talks of the danger of contracting dermatitis, various situations are shown where this might be a danger, including catering and the industrial cleaning of machines takes place.

There are some shots of yachts and boats and it is explained that there is a high risk of dermatitis when accidents to the skin occur, and the skin is penetrated. There is an explanation of what happens when the infection enters the body, where the infection goes and the effect of this.

"It is important to find out the causes of the dermatitis". A female doctor checks a patient for dermatitis, she puts some strips on his back, she attaches a number of the plaster strips to his back and then informs him that he can get dressed again and she will see him again in a weeks time, the doctor wears a long white coat and is young, around mid to late twenties, the patient is a male of about 30, the narrator explains the necessity for the plaster strips.

Back in the factory, men stand at a circular basin and apply a specially formulated gel cleanser. Lab technicians are shown looking through microscopes, working to combat germs in the workplace. "Remember - Clean Hands, Healthy Hands.

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