Film: 9122

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Documentary about the story of the postal service since ancient times, focusing on Britain 1970's

A close up of two feet in a pair of sandals leaving footprints in the sand. A close up of the lower part of two legs. The full image of a postman. An old Egyptian drawing, showing a man with a letter in his hand. A close up of the letter. A diagram showing a man writing on a board. A drawing of Athens. A Greek statue representing a runner. A Greek painting showing a race being run. A view of a crowded stadium into which walks a marathon runner. A view of the Acropolis. A geographical map showing the Persian Empire's territories. A painting of two ancient Roman on a chariot pulled by two horses. A geographical map showing the Roman Empire. A close up of the map focusing on Great Britain. An abandoned Roman road. A drawing of a medieval knight. A portrait of Henry VIII. A portrait of Briens Tuke ? First master of post. A drawing of two messengers on a horse surrounded by some people. Illustration of a messenger on his horse, blowing a horn. A close up of a drawing showing a horse quite distressed. Another illustration with a messenger riding a horse in snow. Another drawing of a postal messenger leading his horse through the snow. Image of a messenger being robbed. Portrait of Charles I. Close up of his eyes. An illustration of a woman giving a letter to a man on horseback. A map showing England on which the postal routes can be seen. An illustration of a post boy and his horse in a field. A map showing some postal routes. A portrait of Ralph Alan, postmaster of Bath. Map of England with new postal routes. Several drawings showing the bad state of the English road. A drawing representing John Metcalfe. Illustration of workers building a road. James macadam. A coach. A post boy on his horse. A portrait of John Palmer. An illustration of the first mail coach in 1784. Busy roads where numerous coaches can be seen. Drawings of different coaches, travelling through the country. A representation of a coach being robbed. A coach travelling in torrential rain. Coaches travelling in deep snow. A coach in a port where some boats can be seen. An illustration of a Persian boat. Drawing of ancient boats. A drawing showing the coast at Dover. Boats in harbour. A port, with some boats. Another drawing, a boat opening fire. Different details, showing a fight, men shooting and killed on the deck of a boat. Other details showing the fighting and some men jumping overboard into the sea. A view of the Cornish coast. A church and its graveyard. Close up of a gravestone. Drawings of the work carried out to construct railways. Drawings showing trains. An illustration of the method employed to collect mailbags from a train in motion. A train speeding down the track, mailbags are knocked into the train. Drawing showing steam boats. Image of one of the earliest cars, with four people on board. A hot-air balloon. A drawing showing messages being despatched using a hot-air balloon during the Franco-Prussian war in 1870. Illustration of a carrier pigeon. Close up of one of its legs with a tiny piece of paper tied around it. Image of an airship. Some aircraft in a field. Images of the Wright Brothers plane taking off in 1903. A photograph of the first British airmail carried in 1911. Images of the first flight over the English Channel by the French pilot Bleriot. Images of the first flight over the Atlantic Ocean in 1913. An aeroplane taking off. An aerial view of some elephants running through savannah. A plane has landed. Some men wearing turbans. Images of some cars. A modern postal vehicle or mail van travelling in a street. A modern airliner. Two workers loading mail bags into the plane. A post van in the busy streets of London . The underground network that connects the different post offices, a driverless train speeding down a track. Photograph of a postman rowing in a small boat. A drawing showing a kind of little wagon loaded with mailbags. An illustration of a postman riding a penny farthing. A postman on his bicycle delivering a letter. A close up of his feet. An illustration of a horse, another showing a ship, another a train. Photograph of a car and a plane in the air. Different illustrations showing different aspects of the evolution of the postal service. A plane crashing into the sea. A rocket being launched.

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