Film: 9128

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Mime artist Marcel Marceau 1950's

'This lesson of form that you will see consists of turning one silence into another. With the pallid grace he inherits from Debureau and stylised Japanese acting Marcel Marceau imitates the deceptive silence of fishes and plants. He evokes mysteriously the vegetable life seen in slow-motion film that makes it seem human. In short, he speaks.
A mine crosses every frontier of language and Paul Paviot brings us the charming personage created by Marceau, Bip, who comes to us on the feet of a thief with terrible sans-gene of moonlight. Jean Cocteau.'

A man holds a piece of fabric, 'La marche contre le vent.9 The walk against the wind)' on it. Marcel Marceau, dressed in white with a white face facing to our left, mines running, his body making the movements but he does not move from his space on the black floor, every once in a while he seems to get pushed back by an invisible force: the wind; he pushes against it with his hands, he turns to face us, still 'running' and then turns back to the left and gives one final push, thrusting out from his body, he wipes his brow melodramatically but triumphantly.

'Les tireurs de cordes. (the terrors of the rope)' Marceau walks tot eh left, pulling a 'rope' in his hands, then he is brought up short, he braces himself and rolls his hands, preparing to pull, sure that it will be easy, suddenly the rope gives a jerk that pulls him off his feet; he fights against it but the pulls continue, pulling him back along the stage. Slowly he gains some ground, using an arm over arm technique, the pulls get stronger, it is all he can do to keep his balance and then he uses the arm over arm technique…but it suddenly pulls so hard that he is dragged off the stage.

'Les joureurs de des.' Mrcaeu 'shakes hands' with two people on either side of him, then swings his leg over an imaginary stool and takes a seat. He shakes his hands together as if he is holding dice and then watches the roulette? Wheel go around.

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