Film: 9129

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


From bottom of Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland 1940's

Panning shot over Edinburgh showing North Bridge. Edinburgh Castle and pedestrians walking along Princes Street. Sailors talk to young women. Close up of soldier in uniform. RAF personnel in uniform. Interior of Service Club with Army, Air Force and Naval personnel lounge around on sofas. Scottish soldier. Multi national soldiers reading foreign newspapers. View of Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street. Exterior club for overseas soldiers on Princes Street. This club is situated in the same place today. A Scotsman, a Pole and a Czech leave the club and set off for the castle. Two young women, one with a pram. Princes Street with traffic including trams. Panning shot across Princes Street Gardens including Edinburgh Castle. Close up of Castle walls and cannons situated on castle ramparts. Panning shot down the Royal Mile from the entrance to the castle. In background St. Giles Cathedral can be seen. Intersection with George IV bridge and Heart of Midlothian. Holyrood Castle exterior. Edinburgh Castle. Esplanade with castle entrance in background. The esplanade is used every year for the international military tattoo. Statues of Robert the Bruce and William Morris situated on either side of castle entrance. Long shot looking through castle gate down the Esplanade with army personnel walking through. Castle guide with tour group. Close up of group. Men in uniform. Women have distinctive 1940's hairstyle. Panning shot of King David's tower built by David the Second only son of Robert the Bruce. Castle rock reaches a height of 441 feet above sea level. Group of soldiers approach entrance to castle. Battery of Argyle cannons which command entrance to the castle. Long shot from ramparts looking out towards Princes Street and New Town. Panning shot of St. Margaret's Chapel, oldest building in Edinburgh. Outside the chapel is Mons Meg, a siege gun built in 1486. Last time it was fired was in 1682 when it blew up. Group of three women, one in army uniform look out over east end of Princes Street. In background North British hotel and dock can be seen. Small cemetery for the dogs of soldiers once stationed at the castle. Excellent panning shot of Princes Street. Highest point in the rock, facing the Palace of the Kings and Queens of Scotland. Room occupied by Mary Queen of Scots and in a small room adjacent James the First of England was born. Full suit of armour on display in the banqueting hall in the palace. In 1440 the young Earl of Douglas and his brother were entertained to dinner. The last course was a black bull. The symbol of death. They were subsequently dragged away for a mock trial and summary execution. Panning shot of Scottish National War Memorial, exterior and interior. Czech soldier leans against cannon and discusses the similarities between Prague and Edinburgh. Long shot of Royal Academy and St. Giles Cathedral Lawnmarket, where Dr. Johnson lived with Boswell. Exterior of horse occupied by Robert Burns. Medium shot of one of many closes dotted around this area of Edinburgh. Riddles Close. Exterior of Court of Session located in Parliament Square. Interior of law courts and library attached. St. Giles Cathedral. Exterior of John Knox's house. Tweedale court, location of the first printers of books in Scotland in 1508. Close up of printing machinery. Panning shot looking towards Canongate taking in numerous shop signs, including one for Woodbines. Old fashioned bus. Panning shot of the Tollbooth, which is housed close to the home of Adam Smith author of the Wealth of Nations. Nearby his burial place in the graveyard of Canongate Church. Numerous head stones in various states of disrepair. One has a skull and crossbones clearly etched on it. Palace of Holyrood. Interior with plaque bearing name of David Rizzio, secretary to Mary Queen of Scots. Interior shot of bedroom. Exterior of Holyrood Castle with tourists milling around. Adjoining the palace is the abbey.

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