Film: 9130

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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Psychedelic graphics 1970's

Man walks through plantation. Women prepare bread and cook it on open fire. Aztec temple sites in South America. Stone reliefs. Ziggurat temple monument. Five men in local costume in procession. The leader plays a pipe. They walk through the pyramid complex. They circle a totem and then climb it. It is metal with ropes and in the middle of a courtyard of ziggurats. The totem is a type of maypole as the top turns. The piper plays at the top and a drummer drums the dance at the top of the pole. It is very high. Four men descend while suspended by their ankles and turning on the maypole. They descend quite slowly to the ground. They wear wonderful hats. The piper climbs down normally.
Seascape. Crashing waves on the shore. Map shows Anchorage in Alaska and Amchitka Islands among the Aleutian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Rolling waves. A seal colony. Close-up of seals. Seals floating on the waves and basking in the sun. Mother with pup - she itches her belly and lies with her baby seal on her stomach. They roll in the sea. Seals eating fish. With the fish on their stomachs.
Canada on the map - the towns of Gustavus, Sitka, Annette. Aerial view of the docks. A plane lands. Fishermen repair their nets; they carry their nets down to the boats. They go out and fish for seals. The seals are put into tanks and fed fish. The seals are then crated and loaded onto a plane. Plane in the air. Then onto a flying boat and then released.
Small town of wooden houses. Man plays a Jew's Harp. Fishing at night from a rowing boat. A South American or Indian-looking woman rows. Fish on conveyors. Fish in a hut. Fish roe in crates. Women rub fish roe through a sieve. Fish roe being wind dried. Couple on motorbike with school children. Men rowing at sea. People look Eskimo (?). The women prepare a meal. The room has an impressive native art wall-hanging. Bowls of dried fish. Fish roe and other dishes. Highly decorated embroidered clothes. Detailed shots of crafts, textiles and baskets. Old woman smokes pipe. Possibly a wedding. Everyone dressed in decorated Eskimo-style clothes. Accordion music, dancers, a boat is covered. Man and woman get into boat. Everyone else puts decorated blankets and things into boat.
Bags of rubbish in the street. Collected by truck that reads 'Burgh of Galashiels Cleansing Dept.' on the side. Dustmen / Dustbin-men collect from house. Piles of rubbish in the street. Rotting food and flies. Dead rats in the street. At the rubbish dump, a queue of lorries waits. Rubbish dumped from tipper-truck. Fire. Rubbish into crusher. Rubbish turning in a sifter. Magnets catch metal objects. Waste then dumped, but 're-landscaped'. Pollution and recycling.

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