Film: 9134

Medicine | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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Various First Aid techniques including the recovery positions and Artificial Respiration 1940's

'People suffering from shock should be given plenty of warm drink, a cigarette is helpful. Alcohol is barred. Man offers woman treating a man lying on the floor in a domestic dining room an alcoholic drink. She declines offer, he leaves room (image is very dark). Woman takes patient's pulse. Another woman brings in a tray of tea. She is told to put five sugar lumps in it. Woman treating man holds his head and helps him drink tea, other woman makes telephone call.
'Shock casualties must be handled gently and kept lying down and warm. Loosen tight clothing and relieve pain by adjusting patients position. 'Two women put blanket on causality who is now smoking cigarette (difficult to see). Intertitle about hot water bottles. Man rushes into room with hot water bottles (rubber) that are put into covers and then placed around casualty. Another blanket is put on casualty.
'Artificial respiration must at once be applied to persons suffocated or suffering from electric shock.'
Unconscious woman on flat roof being moved around by man. '…the throat must be searched for obstruction..' man sticks finger in woman's mouth. 'Schafer's method of artificial respiration…' Woman now lying on her front. Man holds her at the waist (small of back) and presses by leaning over woman.

'Silvester's method of artificial respiration.' Woman lying on hr back on flat roof. She has a ladder on her chest. Man runs to her. Removes ladder, opens her mouth, pushes her legs down, calls for help. A man runs in with cushion, puts it under her shoulders. One man holds her tongue, the other pushes her bent arms into her chest. Four men now sitting alongside woman.
'Injured people must be treated on the spot'.
Man's hand near lathe. Two men approach from rear and lie him down. One holds his injured hand up. Intertitle about electricity. Man lying unconscious touching something electrical. Another removes jacket and pulls him away from electrical source using jacket to protect himself. He then begins to prepare him for Schafer's method of artificial respiration. Intertitle about fire and burns. Woman running in circles, hysterically in a domestic dining room. There is smoke everywhere. Man runs in, throws her to the ground, rolls her in a rug ( was she on fire?). Two men talk. One runs out, returns with a bucket, the other puts his arm in it ( he was presumably burnt).
'Burns should be covered with dressing, soaked in warm tea or with tannic? Acid jelly' Woman pours tea from tea pot into bowl, she puts dressing into bowl; she gets man with his arm in the bucket to sit on chair. Man offers bottle (of oil), he is sent away. Woman cuts injured man's shirt, she applies tea soaked dressing to exposed wound and then makes sling out of towel. Woman calls for ambulance by telephone.
'Gas Poisoning-speed is vital. An injured person exposed to a war as should have his respirator put on before his injury is treated.' Man in floor of domestic dining room holding his mouth. Man runs in and then runs out again returning with a gas mask on his face and one that he puts on the casualty. He then applies dressing to casualty's arm. Helps injured man to his feet.
'Liquid blister gas.. On the skin may be remove with a dry swat.' man carefully wipes woman's arm,. 'Apply anti-gas ointment or bleach paste'. Man looks at woman's arm; puts dressing into jar of bleach paste. Length of time that paste should be rubbed in indicated by intertitle. Man rubs woman's arm with the paste. Intertitle explaining that if no paste available then effected area should be washed with warm water.
Man washing woman's arm in bowl.
Intertitle about liquid blister gas in the eye. Woman sitting at table; man holds bowl to the side of her head; woman puts towel around her, she takes jug and begins to pour water into her eye, she then dabs and dries eye.
Intertitle about immobilizing fractures. Woman making splint, placed under man's forearm which is supported by another man. Another splint placed on upper side of forearm. Pieces of cloth are used to secure splints. A sling is then used.
Intertitle about improvising for splints and bandages. Two men standing behind table picking up pieces of wood ad newspapers, scarves and braces, an umbrella and testing their size against their arms. An umbrellas a piece of wood are eventually used. Uses man's jacket to support limb. The fractured thigh. Man lying on ground in house. Another man runs in, touches his leg, calls for help, pulls injured leg from foot. Another man ties belt round ankles. Pushes pieces of wood under casualties legs ( after lighting a cigarette for the casualty), padding splints, tying splints to body ( he's still smoking). Covering casualty with blanket.
'fracture of the spine. Call a doctor at once.' Two men walk into room in which a man is lying on the ground. One squeezes his leg and gets no response from casualty. The two men tie his legs together; ring for doctor; cover him with blanket.
Intertitle about compound fractures. Close up of wound on man's leg. Man treating wound places dressing on it, ties legs together, immobilizes leg. 'In days of Danger: Every person should carry some first aid essentials. Examples of First aid essentials on table. Intertitle urging us not to flinch from severe wounds and to be courageous or become a qualified First- Aider.

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