Film: 9135

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


A Thomas Cook film for holiday goers to the resort island of Majorca, Spain during the summer 1950's

Thomas Cook Promotional Two spot lights attached to a support. Leaves and flowers perched on decorative ironwork, the backdrop for a stage possibly. A man squats on the light supports high above, he slides a coloured plate into the front of one of the spotlights. A close up of a Spanish-looking man with a moustache, he nods. A man and a woman dance a sevillda, possibly a flamenco version, most likely a traditional Majorcan variety, the woman moves to swing her many ruffled skirt, the man moves sensuously, stamping his feet and moving in time with the woman. The woman moves back and forth, the tight bodice of her dress bending with her body, using her arms to turn herself. The man and woman cross each other on the stage in a dramatic movement of twisting and arched backs, the woman flings her hair back out of her face. The man dances, it looks like he directs the woman with his abrupt arm movements, though at the same time she tantalizes him by staying just out of his reach, they cross reach other in another rapid movement, staying just out each other's reach, they twist pass each other again. The two people cross and recross in front of each other, twisting their bodies, their arms and wrists snaking through the air. The man's stamping becomes more energetic and the woman's legs kick higher as the dance becomes more passionate. Their upper bodies twist together while their legs still pull them apart. The dancers dance on a round stage in an outside patio garden of a restaurant, tables with white table cloths circle the stage, the beach appears behind the restaurant, white sand stretches along it bordered by a busy road, and lined with palm trees, the beach borders on a large bay and across it we see the resort town of Palma stretched along the shore in the sun. A sign, 'Honeymoon in Majorca, Spain'.

Two painted birds with suitcases, obviously a groom and bride, stand on a branch of a trees in the painting, looking down on a white, 'sunlit' cathedral in the advertisement. A man and woman walk up the steps towards the cathedral on the top of a hill, shrouded in palm trees.

The cathedral over the roofs of the town, it towers in the sun over the rest of the city. A plane, propellers still turning taxis along a runway. Ground workers approach it as it pulls up the tarmac. People wait outside the Arrivals lounge, behind a small picket fence. A flight of stairs is moved to the side of the plane, a ground worker reaches the top and swings the door open, the other ground workers move the stairs first out, to allow the door to open, and then in towards the door. People in the arrivals lounge wave excitedly. People come out of the plane and walk down the stairs. Baggage handlers drive loaded carts of baggage away from the plane. The passengers have congregated at the bottom of the steps and now slowly move away from the plane as the hot sun beats down on them, many have taken their jackets off.

From the harbour, the white buildings of Palma shine in the sun, many of them hotels. One of the white beach front hotels in Palma, behind a castle rises out of the top of the hill, its base surrounded by trees. The Grand Hotel, white, with many windows and balconies, one of the many new hotels in Palma. A hotel rises against the hill behind it. A woman walks across a pedestrian bridge to a hotel entrance. The Coloseum-like front of the Acupoco Hotel. The white Spanish styled front of the Alpina. The more massive frontage of the Victoria hotel. The square, concrete block-like architecture of the Baja Palace. The Majorca Hotel towers above the town on top of the hill behind.

A porter enters a room and piles two bags beside the door, behind him a man and then a woman enter the room with a small girl in a sailor outfit between them. The family moves over between two beds, the man takes off his coat and sits down on the far bed and picks up the phone, the mother and daughter sit down on the other. The man speaks into the phone, he asks for a cup of tea, he hangs up. The little girl lies down on a bed, the father rises and begins to undo his tie, the mother gets up as well, takes off her hat and unbuttons her jacket and removes it, the man brings over one of the suitcases and finishes taking off his tie as the woman opens the suitcase and begins to unpack. The woman hangs up clothes bags in the closet, so the dresses do not wrinkle. The father helps his daughter change into a blue and white chequered sundress. The mother hangs more clothes in the closet as a maid brings in tray spread with tea things. The maid places the tea tray on a small table and moves away.

From above, men and women in bathing suits lying the sun on deck chairs near the hotel pool, one woman is about to get in the pool. Men and women lie on deck chairs, a father helps dry off his daughter, the mother helps too. A man and woman walk along the poolside beside a fountain, behind the town of Palma stretched out in the sun. The father stands waist deep in the pool facing the side, he splashes his arms, his daughter climbs down the ladder into the pool with a tiny plastic inner tube around her waist, she jumps off the ladder and swims rapidly towards her father, then jumps up and down as she realizes she can touch the bottom, her father watches her. The mother swims into the pool to join the rest of the family, the father floats, keeping himself up with his arms, the daughter plays behind him. The girl swims energetically towards her father. The child kicks and swings her arms hard to try to catch him.

A small roundabout with a fountain in the middle, behind, a park, one side of the square is lined with three and four storey houses, cars and horse-drawn carriages compete for space on the roads. A pedestrian road, lined by trees on either side which provide shade, people stroll on the pavement. The tree-lined street continues, a group of people sit on one of the benches placed in the middle of the road, street vendors try to sell some goods to them, other people stroll behind and in front of them slowly. Two women walk under the shade of an awning of a store on a narrow street lined with three storey buildings, on the other side of the street in the sun walk many people, cars cross an intersection. A horse-drawn carriage drives away from us down a cobblestone street, bordered by a stone wall towards another street lined with apartments buildings with balconies lining the outside walls. The balconied walls of a narrow Majorcan street. A horse slowly pulls a small covered cart towards us on a cobbled street, the horse turns a corner and proceeds down the street away from us. A grey donkey pulls a two wheeled cart with two men in it down a cobbled street towards a shaded, narrow street. Another two wheeled cart, a larger wooden one, is pulled by a brown horse down a slight hill in front of some ramshackle, tiled-roofed apartments, a car pulls out behind the buggy. A tiny donkey runs pulling a small two-wheeled cart through an intersection, a man in a green coat and a little girl wait for him to pass and then step off the pavement to cross the street, other holidayers and residents walk on the sidewalk. A black horse pulls a carriage down a wide boulevard lined on one side with trees, cars wiz pass it, behind three windmills stand for show in one of the nightclubs of Palma.

The three windmills tower over the beach landscape and above the veranda of a cabaret, a sailor in white and blue sits beside a small sailboat dingy lying sideways on the beach. The father, now in green shorts and a loose collared shirt and the mother, now in a sundress, each hold a hand of their daughter as they walk along the wharf on the waterfront, beside masted sailing ships, probably used for fishing. The Palma harbour is packed with ships of all sizes, from large yachts to tiny rowing dinghies, they are moored close together in the marina, seen over the covered boom of a approximately 25' yacht. One of the larger ships steams across the harbour in front of the Majorca Hotel, high up on the hill behind the harbour.

A boy runs away from us to the end of a diving board, bounces once and then dives forward into a large swimming pool overlooking the rest of the town, as he flies through the air, another boy dives from a diving board below him, people crowd the pool deck, some lying in the sun, other resting in the shade of umbrellas lined up along the deck edge, two more boys follow that last one off the lower diving board, splashing into the water beside him. A girl holds her nose and jumps into the shallow end feet first, a man swims away from her doing the front crawl. A boy with flippers on jumps feet first like a frog off the top diving board, another boy follows him immediately. A baby in the middle of a large life preserver looks at us, a striped beach ball sharing the preserver with her, a man pulls the life preserver by holding onto one of the ropes with his teeth, he swims backwards away from us, smiling all the time. A woman climbs up one of the pool ladders. A man and a woman sit at a table in the sun, other man in blue trunks stands and talks with them. A woman in a bikini sits on a towel beside the table on the pool deck and turns to hear their conversation. Another woman in a bikini lies facing the sun on a lounge chair getting a tan. Two men recline on wooden slat lounge chairs, one with a Hawaiian shirt and yellow sunglasses on, the other lying on his stomach reading a book beside a small pool and some a palm trees, behind them more people recline in the sun. A woman puts sunscreen on a man's back as they sit on the side of flower beds bordering the veranda, below them a beautiful view of the ocean where someone windsurfs, and a rocky headland beyond the small bay. The man turns around and smiles at the woman as she squeezes out more sunscreen onto her hand and applies it to his chest. A couple sit under a umbrella at a café table, behind them other groups sit at tables in the sun, a travel agent moves from table to table giving out brochures for day trips and activities.

The twisted branches of a pine tree, through which the grey stone castle is seen one the top of a tree covered hill. Two women walk in the bright sun below one of the towers of the castle, the town lies tiny and small far below. A group of people walk around a circle colonnade in the centre of the castle, with pointed arches. The tall tower, attached to the main castle by an thin arch near the top, then the walkway around the base of the tower. A map of Mallorca, showing Palma, Cala Mayor, Soller, Pollensa and Cap de Formentor, a hand points to Palma and follows a line up to Pollensa, Spain. A low motor boat with a wide canvas roof putts slowly towards the town of Pollensa across a wide calm bay. A map pulls a wooden two wheeled cart filled with nets , behind him across the bay stand white buildings fronted with columns, and palm trees. The man walks behind the cart and throws up more nets onto the load in the cart. A man stands over the hold of a fishing boat sorting thin nets, behind him another man works on his boat. A café on the beach filled with men, women and children in their bathing suits sitting at small tables, an ice cream vendor is doing a booming business. The boat with the wide canvass awning moves quickly across the bay, in front of it a man floats, his feet sticking out of the water.

A close up on the map of Formentor. The map, a finger points at the Cap de Formentor. The busy beach of Formentor, where the millionaires try out their yachts. Rattan umbrellas stuck in the sand along the beach, people lay stretched out or sitting under the umbrellas, a woman walks towards the water. Children and adults play in the bright blue water. Two older couples walk in the shade of a tree on the beach beside the wicker umbrellas. A wide hotel veranda with tables scattered around and waiters walking to and fro, looks out over the bay of Formentor, on the left a mountain rises abruptly out of the sea. A man and woman walk down the long flight of stairs from the hotel. A local carries two burlap bags along a walk way through a grove of trees towards the hotel.

An electric train car moves along some tracks beside the sea, carrying holidaymakers back to Pollensa. A smart waiter brings a tray of drinks to a table on a veranda overlooking the sea, an ever present feature of a Mallorcan holiday.

The map again, the finger points to Soller, a closer town to Palma. Two women walk along a cement pavement in Soller, which has a rockier landscape. The crowded cafes of Soller, whose rocky surroundings do not dissuade many visitors. A large elaborate hotel, in Cala Mayor, surrounded by palm trees and fronted by a small busy beach, where people swim and sunbathe. A close up of the map, on Palma showing Cala Mayor right beside it. The hand points to Cala Mayor on the larger map. A small, smart Hotel, with veranda and balcony, in front of the small beach, a pool in front to the right and café in the patio at the front. The hotels and swimming pools of Cala Mayor resemble the resorts of Palma. A tall hotel perched on the rocky mountains that come right up to the beach at Cala Mayor, then the beach of the La Cala Hotel at the bottom of the cliff.

People walk under trees in front of a building surrounded by a spiked fence. A couple take a seat at a small café. The travel agent sits beside the woman and they talk about another trip, this time to the island of Ibiza. The map with a dotted line showing the 90miles between Mallorca and Ibiza. A close up of Ibiza on the map. A wide gravel street, bordered by glaring white houses with flowers outside the windows on Ibiza, a man walks a bicycle along the road. The family from the beginning of the film walk along the street looking around, the father points up at something beside them. The steep tile roof of a church and its steeple. The family walk up a hill in Ibiza town, behind them the wide road with apartments lining it. An elaborate building front up on a hill. The little girl is handed a pair of yellow plastic sunglasses by her father, she puts them on. Two tiny windows under a large white arch. Rapidly, the wind indicator of a windmill. A windmill turning rapidly. Close up of a windmill turning. Another wind direction indicator. Another windmill turns. Another close up of one turning. Another feathered wind indicator. A windmill turned upside down. The windmill turns, the wind director, the windmill turning. A close up of the windmill. The windmill turns in a field.
A very white church, with a bell over the entrance. A small archway leads into the courtyard of a building, very Moorish architecture. . A matronly woman walks down a dirt road beside a white wall, she passes a small tree. The woman walks in front of the large white church or mosque. A group of people ride bikes along a path beside the church. A locomotive pulls a train along a flat area of track beside the beach. People walk atop a mountain of salt. Men work on top of the mountain of salt made by sea water evaporating in the sun.

The family walks along a road in front of several stores, one selling sun hats. A metal bell attached to a wall, a hand rises up and rings it. The family looks at some souvenirs. The mother lifts up a hat off a table and moves it aside to pick up a red straw hat which she places on her daughter's head, she does the ribbon up to secure it there. The mother places a blue and white straw hat on her own head and makes a bow. The father puts a hat on his own head and brushes his moustaches out, he laughs. His wife points to him and laughs as well. The tall buildings bordering the wide trees of Ibiza Town. The family walk up white stone steps. The view from their hotel room, looking out over the bay of Ibiza Town. The father lifts his daughter up to sit on the wide balcony railing, the family looks out from the balcony. The scattered hillsides surrounding Ibiza Town, then the wide blue harbour, over the white roofs of the houses and then the open sea. The branches of a prickly cactus, through which is seen the white homes and buildings of Ibiza.

The white sand beach of San Antonio, behind the town lies in the sun. A café by the beach, a man with a cane and another man walk past it under a palm tree. A covered café by the beach. A waiter enters the café carrying a pitcher of lemonade, he puts two glasses on the table and pours out the lemonade. A lemonade mix drink pours into a glass full of ice. On the map, Ibiza and then the dotted line leading back to Majorca. The Palma harbour, then the busy pool deck and the blue water of the swimming pool. People lay on lounge chairs or sit at small tables on the pool deck. Two couples sit and relax at a table beside the pool, the family joins them, the little girl picks up her drink from the table, the father walks around and sits with his drink. One of the men puts a cigarette in his mouth and picks up his lighter from the table while the girl watches. Another of the men olds a package of cigarette out towards one of the women, she takes one and the man with the lighter lights it for her. Another woman hands the daughter her drink. The father takes a swig of his beverage. A blonde woman laughs in the sun. The father talks to someone from his lawn chair. The mother and one of the other women chat. The group of holiday friends around the table.

Two local women with traditional headdresses on sew in a square in Mallorca. The fisherman from Pallensa throws his nets onto his cart. The fisherman mends one of his nets. A close up of the fisherman with needle and string mending his net. A woman with a hat on does laundry on a washboard in a large basin, a small child holds onto the edge of the basin for support as he stands. The view out to sea from around the corner of a building and between the branches of a small tree. People collect grapes from grape vines in the warm sun. A vineyard worker walks with a basket of picked grapes on his shoulders, he reaches a larger basket and empties his load into it, then he picks up a paddle and begins to beat the grapes. His arm lifts the paddle up and down, pounding and smashing the grapes to compress them in the basket. Leaves blow in the wind over the harbour.

A waiter walks towards us carrying a bottle of wine and several glasses on a tray. The village of Vil de Mosa, the village where Chopin lived, nestled in a small valley, its church spire standing out against the green surroundings. A men in traditional dress play the guitar and other instruments for women in traditional Mallorcan dress and head scarves, the women arrange themselves and begin to dance. One of the men playing guitar sings. A little girl in dress, stands beside one of the guitar players, then the women turning and waving their arms in the dance. Spectators look and point. The guitar players play their instruments. The women dance. The musicians play. The tourists watch amazed. The women turn in the dance. The guitar players sing and play, the dance continues, a man is part of the company, then the feet and swirling skirts of the dancers.

Champagne is poured into a wine glass. Two waiters move around a table pouring wine into the glasses of the company seated there on their last night of holidays. The father and a woman laugh and toast to each other,. The rest of the table raise their glasses in a toast. A man a woman toast and look at their champagne. The husband and wife toast their friends. The father sits at the head of the table and laughs with those surrounding him. The husband and wife talk with their holiday friends, they drink. Everyone at the table stands and toasts Majorca, they drink. The husband and wife stand and drink their champagne, the woman in a pair of classic 1950s sunglasses. 'The End'. Credits.

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