Film: 9136

Railways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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The historical development of steam railways, especially locomotives, in Denmark 1960's

The back of a tender, the water pipe hangs loosely over the rails, than down to the locomotive moving in, a railway worker pushes on a pole and turns a wheel. The man's dirty hands turn the wheel. Water pours out of the water pipe, filling the locomotive's water tanks. A train engineer climbs up the side of the train engine, his counterpart leans out the window, then the train, NR 917 P, moves away from us, the engineers both looking backwards as steam obscures the picture. A steam locomotive pushes a train car loaded with coal forward on tracks bordered by flowers. A railway worker walks alongside the train engine as it pushes the car of coal towards the body of the train, he hopes down between the cars as the engine gets closer. The two bumpers move closer together as the worker pulls the car near by its chain, he hooks the trains together and turns a wheel. A conductor walks beside the train writing in a notebook. He pauses as he writes, his hands hold the notes book, behind on the train, DSb Cr 282? , the head of the conductor as he writes. He salutes the train engineer and they shake hands through the window and he hands him a piece of paper., the engineer takes out his watch and nods. The train worker hooking the cars up finishes and jumps out of the track pit. One of the engineers steps out of the engine, wearing a long blue coat, and walks back along the train. He looks in between the cars, leaning on the sides of the train. The other engineer looks back along the other side of the train as his partner walks up and talks to him. Close up of the engineer in the window's face . He stands up from the window and turn sot talk to another engineer closer to us, who leans on his arm on the window ledge as he pulls out a leaver on the controls. The breaks work on the wheels. The man close to us nods and the other engineer and talks to the other train employee. A dial, the needles move slightly. Another dial where the needle moves a bit. A conductor walks along the train with a long pole. The end of the pole hits the brake on one of the wheels. The conductor stands at the end of the train and spreads his arms wide. The engineer at the other end of the train leans out of the cab and spreads his arm to the side. People board the train all along the train platform. Two men talk outside the entrance to one of the train cars. A man drink from a bottle at a refreshment stand on the platform. Across several bottles, a man takes a bite of a sandwich and chews. A woman sits on a platform bench and chews. A cook hurriedly moves his hands working, over the shoulders of several customers. A women dressed in blue and white moves towards the door of a carriage. Women walk along the train. The hand of a woman holding several bags as she walks. A woman talks to two children who hang out of the window of a train car. The refreshment stand man cleans the counter of his stall, as a customer bits a pepper. A conductor closes the door of a train carriage. Another conductor closes another door as a woman climbs in. The engineer look out the window back along the tracks. Steam pours out from under the train. One of the station assistants looks up and down the platform, one woman stands beside the train still talking to the children. The station light flashes green. One of the conductors puts his arm out to the side and blows a whistle. The engineer pulls into the cab of the engine. The conductor turns around and climbs onto the back of the train. The train driver pulls and turns levers. Steam pours out of the engine as the train starts slowly moving along the tracks. The wheels of the train move slowly on the tracks , setting off sparks. The steam train, surrounded by smoke and puffin smoke out of its smoke stack moves along the tracks slowly out of the station, the locomotive passes out of the station. The driver moves a lever. The train moves along the tracks just outside the station. The wheels turn rapidly, picking up speed. The front of the engine moves over the rails. The wheel rotate moving quicker, over the train tracks. Power and telephone lines whiz by. Different parts of the machine work, pistons turn. The wheel mechanism turns rapidly, the piston working. The train engineer looks out the window. The wheels turn. The telegraph lines and poles move past quickly beside trees. The train engineer. Two hands shovel coal into the furnace where the heat glows red. Looking along the train, the wheel turn quickly as the train moves by a green field with a small copse of trees. Shaggy (possibly highland?) cattle startle and run towards us down hill. One door of the fire opens while another closes and the two hands shovel coal in again. The train moves along the tracks in a green pastoral landscape, puffing out black smoke. More telegraph lines pass, mixed in with dark trees. White steam shoots out of the bottom edge of the train , releasing pressure. The wheel pistons turn. The telegraph lines move up and down. The train moves through a grassy field in a wide open landscape. The train, still spewing black smoke, travels over a small bridge. One of the engineers leans out of the engine's doorway. The train stops at a siding and slowly moves forward again. The train moves past farm houses located near the railway tracks, cows graze in the fields nearby. The train slows as it enters a train yard. The two engineers drive the train through the rail yard. The train moves trough the trail yard, several other trains are there. The gently sloping green countryside partially obscured by the black smoke from the train engine. Engine face plate, 'No 198 Hohenzollern, 1882 Dusseldorf, Busse's Patent.'
An old P 125 stock train locomotive, quite old with a very thin smoke stack wrapped around with red and white stripes, for the Danish flag half way up. A train engineer walks around it. The wheel mechanism. The back fender of the train as it moves over the tracks, then the bright red wheels of the locomotive, and the wheel pistons. A larger locomotive moves by, the wheels are twice the size of the previous train. A frontal view of the J-class locomotive. The engineer stands I the door way as the train moves forward through the yard. The train moves away from us along the tracks. The 'K-class locomotive, with open box cab, an engineer stands in it. The class K engine moves along the tracks, larger than any of the other engine previously. The k-class train engine moves towards us slowly, inside a station. The station sign for the Danish town of Klappenborge. The engine moves away from us only the tracks. The locomotive keeps moving forward. A strength testing machine, the weight hits the bell several times, two Danish flags stick out of the side of it. The steam comes out of the narrow smoke stack and the bell clinks several times on the top of the locomotive.

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