Film: 9137

Social History | 1970 | Sound | B/W


Hungary - at the time of Communism, the role of the trade unions in industry and overview of life in Hungary at that time 1970's

Budapest a street scene with trams. Crowds of people queuing for a tram. Vox Pop, woman interviews an older man "How many trade unions memebers are there in Hungary?" " Three or four million" Another man replies "I haven't a clue, a lot I should say"
Titles, with smoking chimneys
A Woman is asked "What does a Trade union actually do ?" " It helps with holidays and and working mothers and all working conditions" " it is different from before the war, the state is the boss now" Monatge of heavy industries, steel works, coal mine, oil drilling, leather working, also operating in a hospital, pharmacist, food processing butchers at work, canning factory, construction, wood mill, computers with punch cards, tram driver, all intercut with a Hunagrian newspaper headlines, maybe the trade union paper. MAV trains, combine harvesting, shop assistants, language school, postal workers, fashion, Hungarian film studio, weaving mill, printing, typesetting, steel, building, aircraft manufacture, bakery, weaving lace curtains.
A man says how he sees the relationship between trade union and management.
Machinist shop worker talks about monthly meetings with shop stewards. Fashion machinists, saving push and comunnist party bridages are part of the structure. The bridages foster community spirt. Stills of carpet weaving factory. Steel workers, passing on the communist message and collective spirt. Education and improvement of living conditions. Monatge of aforementioned industries. Woman talks about rights and duties. Man says grieviences should be sorted out. Television manufacture. Man talks about different parts of the trade union working. Membership can recall a shop steward for under performing. Safety rules at work. Money and wages. Translator in a booth. A library. Improving literacy. Large housing estates. Nursery school facilities. Medical services. Retired and older people and pensions. Happy grandparents with grandchildren. Smoky city. Rows of cots with babies. Nusery school, little girl on a potty. Feeding a baby, little toddler uses a spoon to eat cereal. Children play . Baby sucks his thumb. Doctor takes blood pressure of patient. There are 88,000 hosptial beds in Hungary. Patient in bed on ward with doctor. Swimming pool and spa. Hyrotherapy, woman hosed down. Basic gym. Trade union rest homes, holidays for rest and relaxation. Sunbathing, swimming in the sea. On a yacht. " I cannot imagine a working man not part of a trade union"
Monatge of happy Hungarians young and old. Old Building in Budapest on the Danube.

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