Film: 9138

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Package holidays to Europe 1950's

Interior of a travel agency. A male and female member of staff seen at their desks with customers making plans for their holidays. A man standing about to leave shakes hands with the male assistant and walks away. The remaining couple are seated and the woman assistant is showing them brochures. Close up of a map.
(Cartoon information pictures) 'Passports Q here' people queuing for passports outside a building. Another picture of couple looking for accommodation and a sign saying 'full'. Another shows a customs officer pointing at a man in a bowler hat with a case full of bottles.
A model of a bus/coach and a hand places a brochure saying 'Europe Blue Cars'
Two passports are placed on a table/desk near an open brochure. Passengers boarding an aircraft and the plane taking off. Views from the aircraft of coastline below. Overhead view of a ship in dock. A 'Blue Cars' coach waiting for group approaching at the port with ship in background (Calais). The group board the bus and the woman from the travel agents turns and smiles. Bus is seen leaving Calais. A castle in Switzerland and scenes of Montreux. The woman walks to a shop front in Interlaken where she is shown a musical box with a ballerina. Close up shot of ballerina. Interlaken and the Alps. Close up of birds on mountain. Mountain lift. Snow covered mountains and passing clouds. Two men put luggage in the boot of the bus which has a split windscreen and the writing 'Blue Cars Contental Ltd, 224 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC'. The bus pulls away. Interior of bus with passengers seated with a man in a white shirt and tie making checks as he walks down the aisle. The woman seated points to the window and another man is shaving. The Tour Guide at front of bus with microphone. The drivers back and views through the front window p.o.v. of driver as he approaches quite a few corners. As they pass a hotel a family stand in the entrance and wave. Woman seated inside bus chatting and smiling. Bus approaching down an avenue of trees and comes very close to camera.
Italy. On a shelf an ornamental lion with wings and an open book. St Marks Square, Piazza San Marco, Venice with lots of tourists and pigeons. Close up of the famous Greek horses and St Marks Basilica
Woman squatting down with pigeons with lovely view of the domes and St Marks Basilica in background. A man is using a cine camera to film the couple with the birds. Small group walk down steps leading to canal and take their seats for a ride in a gondola. The gondolier wears a boater and a white jacket. The canal with bridges and back streets from the gondola. Buildings and sculptures. The Grand Canal and Rhialto bridge.
Rome and it's ruined buildings including the Coliseum. Fountains, one very high. Streets and tram. A Policeman in white directing traffic stood on a podium. Street views p.o.v. driver. Close up of plates of well presented food. A waiter takes one of the plates of food and shows to the camera.
Images of the beach - Riviera, South of France, Nice. A diver plunges into water from a diving board. Beach scenes. A couple in a pedalo (boat) and close up of legs pedalling. The woman puts on a swimming hat and leaves the Pedalo to take a swim in the sea. Two women sit in deck chairs on the beach. The woman swimming walks from the sea to join them. Overhead views of beach and coastline with dense buildings. Street with Palm trees and an outdoor restaurant/café with parasols. A waiter pours an iced drink to people. Brasserie. Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and Eiffel Towel in Paris. The city is shown at night - neon lights of Moulin Rouge, Folies Bergeres, La Belle du Pacifique with Rita Hayworth, Les Merveilles des Mers etc. Close up of a hand on a passport, passport only on a desk, and the hand taps the passport.

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