Film: 9140

Medicine | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Westminster Hospital, London 1920's pre NHS medical services

1 - Reign of George IV what medical services were like in the 18th century as contrasted with the 20th Century
Collapsed man on kerbside, stagecoach in frame, two men attend to him, several gentlemen in top hats cluster around, close shots of men discussing. One man rings nearby doorbell, man comes to door, this man summons two other men, who set up a couch in his room. Group of men and women carry collapsed man through doctor's door. Lay him on aforementioned couch. Doctor's servants attend to him with a feather and smelling salts. Amputee on crutches opens handkerchief in front of eager doctor, fills his palms with coins.
2 - Reign of George V
Man is lifted out of gutter by policeman, motor vehicle and crowd in background, medium close shot of policeman on telephone, ambulance leaves from depot. One policeman holds back crowd, as another crouches by collapsed man and unbuttons patient's shirt. Ambulance arrives at scene, stretcher bearers step out onto pavement. Man carried into waiting ambulance. Busy road outside Westminster Hospital circa 1927. Medium shot of hospital front with Big Ben in background, porters open ambulance doors, man on stretcher is brought out, activity in the hospital theatre, X-raying the man's leg, shot of X-ray film, two nurses speak on internal phone system, preparing the operating theatre (note title footnote: "Over 6,000 operations are performed in a year in a 500 bed hospital") Operating team around patient on table, patient being wheeled back to large ward. (note title: "in 1913, each patient cost £2 per week in 1925, each patient cost £4 per week) Four nurses cover up patient. O.T. room, patients exercising, receiving massage etc., women using overhead 'pulley' exercises. Nurses at work in maternity ward, wheeling trolley, close up of two cots with babies, feeding time in children's ward. Children sit around table, nurse feeds baby in pen, doctor examines baby, three mothers with babies, including one pair of twins, medium shot of twins, nurse weighs baby in scales, baby and mother being helped into taxi. Row of taxis pulling out, crowd of people standing outside outpatients department (in open air). Medium shot woman in old fashioned wheelchair. Queen Alexandra comes down hospital steps.

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