Film: 9141

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Clinical use of thiopentone sodium in intravenous anaesthesia 1950's

Ampoules of thiopentone sodium, solution dissolved in test tube. Injection into forearm, injection into ankle, varicose veins on leg, subcutaneous injection. Close shot of brachial artery position on arm, demonstration of effects of injection thiopentone sodium into this vessel, remedied by injection of procaine. Man lines in hospital bed, sternum painted with aseptic solution local anaesthetic injection, Sternum puncturing needle, tube connected to inserted cannula, thiopentone flow adjusted at tube. Syringe, inserted into vein, is taped to arm, tap inserted between syringe and needle to prevent backflow of blood, introduction of large bore needle into vein, drip adjusted. Premedication, opiate injection into arm in tourniquet. Induction, patient lies in bed 'nodding off', testing for anaesthesia in another patient, jaw flexed to show lack of muscular relaxation, covered patient, although anaesthetized, struggles in response to application of clips, application of oxygen mask to assist breathing in anaesthetized patient, close up of wrist watch. Abdominal incision, operation under anaesthesia. Illustration of respiratory depression, close shot of patient's face, with tape between bridge of nose and chin, anaesthetist gives oxygen, insertion of tracheal tube. Respiratory failure in elderly woman, use of artificial airway, endotracheal tube passed into nostril. Patient being oxygenated whilst coughing under anaesthesia. Clearing pharynx with swab, nasal operation, thiopentone introduced through nasal tube. Apparatus giving trace-readings, pharmacists prepare thiopentone, brief shot of operation in progress. Many shots of injections.

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