Film: 9142

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Pain and pain control 1970's

Man sits reading paper on sofa next to open fire. Woman in dressing gown brings tea on tray. Man standing at sink, removes medicine bottle from cabinet. Taking off dressing gown, getting into bed. Close shot of man sleeping, close shot elderly woman sleeping, close shot younger woman sleeping, another woman sleeping (all of the 'sleeping' shots have voice overs describing joint pains, and the subjects seem to be in discomfort). Woman switching on bedside lamp, sits on bed, smokes cigarette. Younger woman struggles upright, another woman gets out of bed with difficulty. Woman walks slowly down stairs. Man wakes, gets out of bed slowly. Woman on bed pulls tights on. Elderly man places coat on elderly woman, passes tea. Four doctors have table discussion about rheumatism. Man dresses himself in bed, family at breakfast table, man demolishing wall, bleeding a radiator, man climbs ladder with difficulty, mowing lawn, man kneeling in flowerbed,digging . Man walks rigidly towards invalid carriage, climbs in, invalid carriage (three wheeler) drives along busy road. Man adjusts surveying camera on tripod, climbing awkwardly down ship's steps. Overhead shot, man carries tripod along ship's deck.

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