Film: 9143

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Pain control 1970's

Close up of rheumatic hands writing. Hand placed in fluid, covered in polythene dressing. Rheumatic knee-joint receives traction. Blood drawn from knee and finger-joints. Inflamed arm. Doctor sits at desk. Doctor speaks about arthritic condition. Photographs of arthritic foot-joints, acute inflammatory response. Hand swollen with gout. Doctor discusses various drugs available. Diagrams of ankylosing spondylitis. X-Ray of broken neck. Various shots of joints being flexed underwater. Photograph of spots on torso from blood dysplasia. Photographs of young man with stiffened arthritic body. The Van Gogh painting 'The Old Man in Grief'. Slide of inflamed artery in the temple. Doctor discusses corticosteroids. Doctor discusses rheumatoid arthritis, list of symptoms. Swollen fingers, scleritis in eyes, elbow nodules. Doctor lists anti-inflammatory drugs. Photographs of skinny, distorted body as a result of drug treatment.

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