Film: 9144

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Including useful general laboratory scenes with bubbling flasks, just as the layman likes it ! Several topics covered, women in industry, pharmaceutical manufacture, post-war industry, animals in science 1940's

Part one: Chemistry and Manufacture.
Diagram of barbiturate ring structure. Diagram of malonic ester and urea condensation. Diagram of substituted cyanacetic ester and urea condensation. Diagram of barbiturate structure, with annotation. Diagrams of short-acting barbiturates. Diagrams of manufacturing steps. Manufacture of thiopentone acid. Man in white coat drops sodium into large, self-stirring bubbling flask. Close shot of mechanical stirrer. Man, now wearing a mask, adds thiopentone acid to flask through a funnel. Shots of chemical process. Black liquid being transferred from one flask to another, filtering. Man lifts large flask of clear filtrate. Liquid poured into large vessel. Scooping resultant milky liquid from large vessel. Man passes paper-covered trays to another man who places trays into industrial drier. Masked man operates sieving machine. Shot of strange mixing machine. Scooping samples of crystals into small bottles. Laboratory attended by sombre-looking scientists. Various laboratory shots, glassware. Close shot bottles labelled 'thiopentone'. Shot of 'British Pharmacopoeia, 1948'. Powder is ampouled by girl at machine. Voice over states that this process is exclusively carried out by girls. Close shot of girl wearing facemask. Close up of powder being dispensed into ampoules. Heating necks of glass ampoules drawing them out. Woman at machine rolls labels onto ampoules.
Part two: Thiopentone and the nervous system.
Syringe taped to arm, pull camera out to reveal anaesthetized patient. Surgeon's hands working on operation. Close shot of anaesthetized man's head. Diagram of sites of action of thiopentone. Surgeon's hands raise patient's eyelids to demonstrate reflexes. Patient lies in bed, flowers in background. Patient becomes restless.
Part three: Absorption and Elimination.
Diagrams to show thiopentone breakdown.
Part four: dose of Thiopentone.
Various shots, injecting lop-eared rabbit. Rabbit relaxes into anaesthetized state. Hand holds stopwatch over animal. Graph to show duration of anaesthesia. Man lies on couch wearing oxygen mask. He is, in fact, connected to a spirometer. Man is given injection. Close shot of spirometer reading. Cat, which has been strapped to a table, is shown to be connected to various measuring apparatus. Thiopentone is infused into the femoral vein. Close shot of injection into jugular vein. Readings of measuring instruments. Tubes connected to cat for artificial respiration.

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