Film: 9146

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | Colour


Small Wounds. Diagram to show sources of infection. Close shot, dressing is removed from a finger with forceps. Wound is swabbed, new dressing applied. Aseptic technique thus demonstrated 1940's

'Technique for one nurse in a factory surgery'. Nurse stands behind desk, wearing mask as she disinfects desk. Queue of men seated in front of desk, one stands, walks out of frame. Queue moves forwards. Man holds out finger, nurse removes bandage. Nurse washes her own hands. Prepares sterile bowl, dressing and forceps using long forceps. New and complicated dressing is applied to finger.
'Technique for a team of nurses in a hospital out-patients department'. Busy waiting room of Birmingham Hospital. A and E department. Closer shot to show mother turning to reassure a little boy, wrapped in a blanket on the adjacent chair. Aerial view model on inspection room and dressing room layout. Man limps into inspection room, sits down as nurse examines bandaged leg. Nurse unwinds dressing from wound. Removes inner dressing with forceps. Kidney dish of used bandages is emptied through hatch. Close up of wound being examined using forceps. As nurse re-dresses wound, doctor dictates to secretary in the background. Passes slip of paper to patient, who nods. Patient exits frame on crutches. Nurse removes dressing from another patient. Server is visible through hatch in background. Close up of patient manipulating wounded finger. Nurse prepares kidney dish of swabs etc. Doctor makes notes as nurse applies dressing to wound. Doctor scrubs up in sink. Nurse washing and drying hands. Server cleaning instruments doctor gives prescription to patient. Man leaves dressing room. Man sits on bench. Model of dressing room. Nurse hands slip of paper to patient before washing hands at sink. Runner replaces limb-rest, washes other one in sink. Runner places limb-rest in sterilizer. Patient sits at desk, runner removes dressing. Masked nurse behind table dishes out dressings into bowls. Nurse dressing man's wound. Man takes prescription and leaves. Close up of nurse washing hands. Runner sterilizing instruments. Diagram, giving statistics of reduction of bacterial infection thanks to aseptic techniques.

19ft Diagrams of sources of infection; self and cross infection
58ft Dressing a finger
93ft Technique for nurse in factory surgery
189ft Technique for a team of nurses in a hospital outpatient dept
200ft Model showing layout of a dressing station at Birmingham
268ft first patient arrives and treatment prodedures undertaken
440ft Patient given treatment slip by doctor; Model station layout
477ft Patients being treated
500ft Using boiling sterilisers

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