Film: 9147

Medicine | 1960 | Silent | B/W


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The use of epidural analgesia during labour / child birth 1960's

Close shot, masked surgeon swabs exposed skin of patient's back. Locates position with thumb, zoom in to injection. Drawing back fluid, guide needle left in place. Guide needle removed, more fluid drawn. Epidural needle inserted. Injection given. Line fed in through catheter, line seemingly cut.
Case One: Spontaneous Delivery. Baby's head emerging. Childbirth. Arranging clamps. Child is born, pan up to show mother's smiling face.
Case Two: Delivery by Midwife. Midwife manoeuvres baby's head, mother's face in shot. Baby is born.
Case Three: Forceps Delivery. Various shots, doctor probes inside mother with forceps. Baby is delivered. Gowned man (presumably the father) hugs and kisses the mother.

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