Film: 9151

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | Colour


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Control of infection in surgical dressings at Birmingham Accident Hospital 1940's

Various shots of injured fingers. Baby with burned chest. Infant encased in plaster. Person encased in plaster lies in bed. Burned hand is swabbed. Shot of stiffened hand, due to septic infection. Being opened and closed with difficulty. Pair of hands crippled through burning. Haemolytic streptococcus culture on blood-agar plate. Staphylococcus culture. Pseudomonas pyocyanea culture. Nurse removes shirt of small child in bed. Woman has throat swab. Man blows his nose shoves his handkerchief in his front pocket. Mother dresses hand of child, who sits on her knee. Close shot of broom, Hoover. Man sneezes. Two nurses cover up child in bed. Dust as airborne particles. Woman has sore on hand covered. Working in dressing room. Medium shot of slit sampler, apparatus used for measuring microbes in air. Culture of microbes in petri-dish. Various components of slit sampler. Nurse dresses young woman's ankle. Child with severely burned face. Nurse pulls open covers of child with burned arm. Nurses make woman's bed.

Camera pans left across the body of a panting, severely burned child who is obviously in shock. Bacteriologist opens petri-dish. Operating autoclave. Close up of heat sterilizer. Dressing an injured hand, taking aseptic precautions. Nurse with stock trolley, making 'deliberate mistakes', touches equipment with her hands, removes scissors from her belt to cut open patient's dressing, cleans wound without using forceps, dresses wound. Nurse washes hands. Close shot drying hands on towel. Nurse dresses a foot wound.

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