Film: 9152

Medicine | 1980 | Mute | Colour


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Reduction Mammaplasty Using Superior Lateral Medial Inferior Pedicles. Breast reduction. Queen Victoria Hospital, plastic surgery department, East Grinstead, West Sussex 1980's

Medium shot of topless young woman with very large breasts. Woman turns to left and right. Surgeon draws incision marks with marker pen. Squeezes breast tissue to illustrate end result of operation. Makes more incision marks. Manipulation of breasts. Cut to operation. Path of incision marked with pinpricks. Incision round nipple area is made. More incisions. Skin cut away. Deeper incisions. Tissue removed etc., breast sewn up. Shot of reduced breast alongside normal breast. Measuring point of nipples with ruler. Areola area marked with ink. Skin cut away, nipple retrieved. Stitching. Shot of woman's torso in recovery support.
Supplementary material as follows:
a - Woman turns to left and right, entire roll is close shot of upper torso, scars.
B - Camera zooms in to breasts of young woman. Woman turns. Scars beneath breasts and around nipples. Sequence repeated twice.
C - Diagram of breast reduction.
D - Close up of scars after breast reduction, tape removed, stitch removed from areola region.
C - Titles only.

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