Film: 9154

Transport General | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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A car assembly plant at work. Transporting cars by rail in Canada. Circa 1980s

American cars are assembled in General Motors factory, paint is sprayed, engines are checked. Gleaming new cars in a car showroom. View of rail car transporter train. Canadian National Railway delivery system. All makes of car collected and delivered, montage of cars and car badges including Triumph TR7, Toyota, Datsun. The longest transporter in North America. A man looks for a car in a huge car lot with bad comic exaggeration. (car park) They have devised a computerised system to find a car. Hundreds of cars are awaiting delivery including Volvos. Halifax depot where imported cars are kept, Volkswagen Jettas and Triumph TR7s. The film shows how cars are made ready for final delivery to the customer.. Waxing Renault 5 Le Car, batteries checked, radios installed. Sometimes damage is caused in transit. Resprays can be arranged. Great care is taken. There are loss and damage personnel. Comic scene of man trying to put up a tent. Ice and snowy weather. Extra precautions are taken.

There is a large carriage with a mobile laboratory inside checking conditions and safety etc. A modern marshalling yard where gravity is used to assemble trains with cars for delivery to destinations. A class/seminar is inducted into car safety. The operators are the vital link. Vehicles are checked on arrival at showrooms. Claims monitored. Final blurb for the care and attention given to detail by the employees of the CN Rail.

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