Film: 9162

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Old Peoples Home and care of the elderly 1970's

Old man in striped pyjamas gets out of bed as an old fashioned radio inlaid into a mantelpiece come drawer relays the weather forecast. He wears a hearing aid. He looks out the window. Clock reads Nine A.m. Man eats breakfast of porridge. The home is occupied by elderly people who were Masons, the wives of Masons and unmarried sisters or daughters of Masons now deceased. This home one of many run by the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI) General views of the exteriors of these homes. Interview with man approaching 100 years of age. Filmed diary of his daily routine. 95 year old Mrs Hatcher is looked after by a nurse. She packs a suitcase in a reconstruction of her leaving home. The suitcases are loaded into the back of a car. Clock reads 11AM. The residents do some low level limbering up exercises. Chronically sick women in bed is attended to by a doctor. And nurse. The elderly men and women dance in a circle. Men sit down enjoying a glass of beer. Clock reads 1PM. Central dining hall where residents eat lunch. Panning shot of exterior of home with gardens. Man plays grand piano. Residents in the library read magazines and newspapers. They draw and paint pictures on easels. Two women polish silver while two others knit cuddly toys and pillow cases. This section rather sexist. 'The gentlemen of course take life rather more seriously. Over a pot of tea they swap opinions on a favourite topic with an older man doing most of the talking' The older man discusses his feelings about being old. The men play snooker and golf. Residents watch television read and listen to the radio. Slides of the Leaning Tower of Pisa shown by a local Mason. Duty room of a medical supervisory wing with a nurse on duty. A choir of Masons and women sing together. An old lies in her bed. Tea is served at 9PM in the lounge. Voiceover 'The Masonic feeling is portrayed all over. It seems imbued in the space'
Dated public relations exercise promoting the good work of the RMBI which houses elderly Masons and their family members. Rather patronizing view of old people and women reflecting typical 1970s attitudes.

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