Film: 9169

Sport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Rugby. Twickenham. Developing skill to play better rugby union. Boys being taught rugby at Caldicott boys public school 1970's

The English flag blows in the breeze. The Welsh flag. The Scottish flag. The Irish flag. The English flag again. At the entrance to a playing field, a souvenir sellings hawks his wears. A cameraman with his camera propped on his shoulder. Two young boys carry a banner supporting England, a man dressed as John Bull with a Union Jack vest on carries the English flag and salutes to the audience. Twickenham Rugby stadium with the stands just filling up, largely coloured red and white, a marching band plays in the middle of the field, then the scoreboard, with the names of the two teams playing, England and Ireland. An overheadview of Twickenham Stadium. The Irish team runs out from their dressing room under the stands, to cheers ( or booing) , their green shirts carrying the shamrock. Title. The English team runs out from under the stands to the field, in red and white, the fans on either side of the tunnel rise to their feet, some waving flags or banners. The English team runs out of the tunnel again, this time in white. A woman holds a match program, half white half green for England and Ireland. The match with Ireland in Green, and England in white, the players form a ruck and the bal is thrown back, an Irish player kicks it, and England picks it up and runs it back the other way. A BBC Colour TV camera in the stands, surrounded by fans. A throw in, won by Ireland, then another ruck is formed. The ball is thrown back and run forwards by England

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