Film: 9170

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Comprehensive film dealing firstly with historical aspects of India with scenes of ancient monuments, forts and other structures that relate to past invasions 1960's

we are then shown the geography of the country with mountains, plains and rivers etc. Monsoon information. The peoples and their varied descents are discussed, as well as their beliefs, customs and habits. Employment and living conditions. Further coverage of religion etc., is then dealt with, including the varied creeds, temples, Hindu holy men, modern temples, missionaries influence, the caste system and the importance of cows in everyday life and belief's. Agricultural coverage includes rice growing, harvest and threshing. Food preparation, eating habits and problems of malnutrition. Other associated details include crop failure etc. Shrines and models of their deities. Irrigation techniques, shoe making, market scenes, Calcutta and the harbour, Delhi and the government buildings, cinema, cobra in basket, new homes, traditional music and dancing, shot of a steam locomotive, 1940's vehicles. Film utilises an animated map to show localities.

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