Film: 9171

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


China, Korea, Japan 1970's

China boasts 5,000 years of civilization. Scenes of paintings, porcelain, mountain scenery and paddy fields. Wooden plough pulled by Oxen. Barley crop. System of chamber pot exchanging with 'night soil' being transported away in barrels for (human) fertilizer . Rice harvest and threshing with a flail, also foot operated and power driven threshers are shown in use. Winnowing in the street and bean threshing. Chillies. Man carries heavy load using a 'A' frame on his back. Bullock cart. Amusing scene of a large pig being taken to market on a bicycle. (Rice wine helps). Houses are built on the courtyard principle where animals are kept. Mealtime using chopstick with noodles replacing rice. Community well and washing in the river with a unique ironing method shown. Buddhist shrine and a village on the South China coast where many live in sampans. The main street is very cramped. Cooking is done over wood and charcoal and some home have under floor heating. Chinese school with use of abacus type calculating machine. Interestingly this machine can beat our electronic calculators. Classical dancing in Korea. Scenes of Hong Kong trams etc. Tokyo at night. Building shown in classical style in China with traditional clothes and horsehair hats. Scenic in places.

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