Film: 9175

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


floor tiles for DIY and construction 1950's

A large roll of PVC sheet is cut into floor tiles involving two machine. One machine cuts the roll of PVC and the other machine utilises a rectangular shaped frame with a blade all the way round its lower surface. This unit is utilised in conjunction with a huge press which bears down on the unit, which in turn cuts out the plastic tile. The PVC is brought to the 'cutting table' by fork lift and is then cut into lengths, which are loaded onto a pallet and then taken to the press. The tiles are cut from a 40" width of PVC using the mobile cutter and press rather like mother used to do when she made biscuits! (Floor plan shown with route of fork lift truck and location of the machine etc.). Entire process is shown again with close ups. Next a 'new method' is detailed with two rolls of PVC on a rack like gantry adjacent to the press. A multiple cutting unit is now used so that eight tiles can be cut at the same time. These processes seem somewhat Heath Robinson-like, but the manufacture was making best use of the equipment that he had available at the time and it worked. To say, of course, modern fully automatic computer controlled machines would be used which would produce the tiles at high speed.

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