Film: 9178

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A film that deals with a special type of concrete and its uses 1970's

Concrete mixed with PFA or Pulverised Fuel Ash, from power stations have very special characteristics. The 'special mix' is ideal for applications where it needs to be pumped through a pipe to the job (shown) and for use on reinforced structures. Workability is also discussed. Mixing techniques. Mobility. Cohesion qualities. Setting time (with tests and graphs). Upper Tamir Dam with a brief scene of the construction work. Use of lime in mixes for long term strength. Hotel on south bank of River Thames in London was a difficult job of construction owing to restricted access and the fact that the foundations required 1500 metric tones, which had to be supplied in a 10 hour period! A PFA concrete Dam shown under construction with temperature measurements and tests. Massive sea wall under construction in Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire and the extreme conditions it will face when under attack from the sea. A sea wall in south Wales protects a power station. Danger of chemical attack on ordinary concrete is overcome with a PFA mix. Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire, Dyfed, Wales scene leads to the distant oil fired power station near Milford Haven with conduits, massive in size, that take the cooling water. Entrance gates at Devonport Dry Dock now built of chemical resistant PFA mixed concrete. PFA also has visual benefits with a pleasing look exterior on a power station in North Wales. Source of Pulverised Fuel Ash detailed with controls on who is allowed to buy it. Includes scenes of Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station in north Wales and a Welsh Dam. Contains some animated footage.

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