Film: 9179

Farming + Rural Life | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Banks and farming 1970's

We visit Priory Farm, a 'mixed' 420 acre farm with cereal crops and cattle. Massey Ferguson tractor hauls a trailer with a load not of manure but bank managers sitting on bales of straw. They have a guided tour of the farm with inspection of its facilities including 'moist barley silos' which were bought with Bank Finance. Mrs Pugh farms in the Welsh hills near Shrewsbury and plans to sell some bullocks in order to buy more cattle but her bank manager advises her against doing this suggesting and alternative. Another farmer is thinking of selling the farms freehold (to raise capital) in Norfolk and then lease it back from the new owner. In Nantwich in Cheshire we see a farmers meeting in progress with a discussion about helping young farmers with finance and the bank manager's response. Farmers needs shown. Another farmer requires £3,500 to increase his herd. A discussion group in Norwich with bank managers and farmers covers the topic of long term loans etc and also loans to supplement working capital during the winter months. Another farm wants two short term loans overdrafts are also covered. A farmer near Berwick goes to his bank manager to have his bank account analysed and the extra cost of 'feed' are revealed as the culprit that caused a lower profit the previous year. Importance of proper account keeping is highlighted. Capital expenditure on machinery that is only used occasionally is a problem, can be overcome by joining a syndicate where large machines like a combine can be shared by a number of farmers. Examples and details are given. A dairy farmer enjoys 'cooperation' with other farmers. Diversification is also necessary. One farm has a strawberry crop which provides useful funds every year. Street scene or two. Lots of farm scenes with a variety of tractors and machines. Barns, cattle, sheep, silos, the use of computers and readouts etc. Well made film from a producer of renown. Different locales. Farming problems highlighted.

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