Film: 9181

Natural History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Taavo or Tsavo National Park, Kenya, Africa, and its policy of preserving wild life is contrasted with man's greed in plundering innocent creatures for financial gain 1970's

Elephant poaching with poison darts with carcasses being examined by Rangers. 'Poacher Control', a mobile centre with tents, helicopter, planes and four wheel drive vehicles. The days operation commences with prayer and a briefing. Helicopter takes off to check the area of search. Tusks are removed from a dead elephant who was evidently wounded but managed to escape and then die in a remote area. At the camp they are on 24 hour standby and the alarm is raised by the plane. A dying elephant has been spotted. Mealtime will have to wait. The poor creature dies as they arrive and another dead elephant is found close by less its tusks and the poacher's tracks are less than four hours old. The truck gets stuck in a gully so the Warden takes to the air in the plane and the helicopter joins the fray. They are determined to catch the poachers (these are shown at work on an elephant, presumably Rangers stand in for the cooks) and as they make their escape the Rangers on foot, close in and capture one of the poachers. Another thinks he is free and clear but he runs into a trap. The third one uses a 'known route' and the truck (now mobile again) gets ahead of him at a riverbed and lie in wait to eventually arrest him also. A man is found dead and although a 'mad elephant' is blamed the authorities suspect foul play caused by a dispute over valuable ivory.

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