Film: 9185

Science | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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A cine Science magazine with various items about predicting events and outcomes etc. In the 16th century astronomy was used to try and see future events 1980's

Sixteenth Century astronomer with a silver nose (historical reconstruction). On a computer screen a "City of the Future" is detailed. Laser tracking systems and the planet's "continental plates" movements help with predicting earthquakes (San Andreas fault). Future plans to save Canterbury's cathedral stained glass windows. London's possible future flooding problems and the Thames Barrier and how it functions and its construction. A "hanging farm" underwater provides oysters. A U.S.A. football team use computers to utilise their players to the best advantage. Icebergs and fresh water reserves… one of these frozen giants could supply Norway with fresh water for 500 years. Hot air balloons with details on how they work. Mass of colourful balloons set off on a race. Some do not last long.

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