Film: 9186

Science | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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A cine Science magazine film covering a variety of subjects dealing with "patterns", as follows: A blind doctor gathers sea shells to study patterns in nature by 'touch' 1980s

How the sea patterns provides power via a wave machine. Bidders at a fish auction use a code-pattern to hide the fact that they are actually making a bid. Printed word patterns and a computer. Weather patterns are bent by light rays (electrical storm). Peterborough man, George Alcock, studies the pattern of planets, comets and stars. Natural substance based rigid patterns in Islam and a Spanish Palace. Extraordinary pattern of spots revealed by X-Ray in quartz. Egyptian heiroglyph's have a pattern that can only be deciphered using Greek! All life has the same code or pattern proved by electron microscope. Patterns shown at work in the ocean and in the desert etc.

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