Film: 9187

Science | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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A cine scientific magazine that covers a number of topics which involve the need for evidence, as follows: Evidence is the difference between guessing and knowing 1980's

When a man claims that he is being falsely accused of robbery the evidence is elusive, either there is not enough of it or it is a good guess. Evidence of a new planet found and a vast crater in Arizona provides clues of a meteor smashing into the earth some 25,000 years ago. Why the moon has an irregular wobble? The evidence has been found in writings by priests in 1178 A.D and photographic proof from a Lunar orbiter. How a blind man with acute hearing can find evidence of a fault in the telephone lines. Sound of a person's heartbeat can signal danger. In New Guinea a nerve disease is tracked to the ritual of eating brain tissue from dead relatives. Criminal evidence and the various methods adopted to find evidence of guilt and how a witness can be misleading because of the memory which can fuse reality with fantasy that finally becomes fact to the person. FBI checks photo's and the accused man (at start) is found standing beneath a sign, got him! In Kenya a man's family tree is studied and the "idea" is propounded that there was once three co-existing human types. To support this fragments of ancient bones are produced as evidence which is far from conclusive. Archaeology and anthropology.

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