Film: 9188

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Indonesia in Asia 1950's just after Independence

Opens with a few local activities including, life in the rice paddies, cock fighting, jungle bathed mountains, schooling, canals inherited from Dutch immigrants etc. Since World War Two Indonesia has been a Republic. We visit a village or Kampong in Jakarta Problem of varied languages detailed. Trade schools established. Market day. Visit to the Capital with cycle rick-shaws, trams and vehicles of 1950's etc. Mountains and coastal scenery. Traditional screen making. Agriculture with rice harvest. Fish farming, rubber plantations, tin mining, oil reserves, coconut oil extraction, tea picking, ploughing with buffalo, cloth dyeing techniques, religious beliefs and customs. Bali Island with a play and colourful costumes and symbolic dancing routine, road building, new apartments and the airport.

Indonesia. Commentary (by an Indonesian teacher) discusses how Indonesia is adjusting to its new independence since 1949 Opening montage of different facets of Indonesia, highlighting its cultural diversity. Dutch style buildings and canals in the cities, left from 300 years of Dutch rule. Commentary tells how the Dutch colonials exploited the natural resources of tin, rubber and oil, but that since WW2 they have independence. They are happy to be free, but grateful for the Dutch legacy. Trade schools, importation, crowding, busy streets, Textile production, farming, rubber forests, tin ore mining, oil drilling, cocoa nut farming, batik, traditional dancing. Modern roads, houses, airport.

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