Film: 9189

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Alkalis 1970's

Opens with Egyptian rock paintings indicating early use of science. In 18th century a Frenchman discovered Akali in seaweed. We see a limestone quarry in Derbyshire at Buxton, with a train carrying the material to the Cheshire Plant. Salt, beneath the ground is reclaimed via "Solution Mining". Small town high street in the Uk which has been pedestrianised. Limestone and Salt are treated to produce Sodium Carbonate. Fully explained and detailed. Caustic Soda manufacture is also shown, this is used by the chemical industry and in paper making, rayon, cellophane as well as in the making of soap and detergents. Industrial waste. Alloy production, scenes form Africa and Wyoming. Other processes include dyes and purification of water. Glass making with bottles and jars etc. Waste disposal after production is discussed. Includes scenes of diesel trains. Animation is used to explain some processes.

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