Film: 9191

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Education towards C.S.E. exams by the East Anglian Examinations Board 1970's

Dad arrives home from work and discusses with David his son his grades at school, with reflections on his own school exams. The "Certificate of Secondary Education" was to allow more advantages for 16 year olds. It was introduced in 1965. Three modes of the Examination are detailed with work examples, as follows: domestic Science, various projects and oral and written work, mats course includes navigational measurements at a coastal school. This include judging a boat's speed. Computers and affects on modern society. Power output of the human body with cycling. How smoking impair efficiency. Tape recordings utilised. Environment studies checking the rate of flow of a stream. Fresh water life in a mill race knowledge of Public Services with a visit to a Fire Station. Family life. Helping aged and young. Arts and crafts including fabric printing. Technical crafts in metal working and engineering. Stress patterns in different materials. Catering Course for both boys and girls. Work of examiners checking papers. Results sent to schools. In July. David and his father meet with school governor's to discuss job training, career advise. David has an interview at an architects and gets the job which will provide a weekly wage of £8.00!

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