Film: 9193

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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Travelling shot: road with sign on wall, 'Paramount - Mack Sennett Comedies' 1920's

Camera turns right and enters the Mack Sennett studio (sign above entrance is same as above). Billy Bevan wearing hat with feather in runs up to shack door, he listens and looks through window. Interior: two men trying to gag a woman who is tied to a chair (they wear riding boots and look wealthy). Bevan punches one of the men who does a backward somersault. Exterior: lion jumps through window. Interior: Bevan fights with one of the men, the other two cower in the corner, the lion is in the room, it jumps onto table. Close up of lion's face roaring. Exterior: another lion jumps onto roof of shack, jumps down chimney, cloud of soot. Interior: angry lion emerges from fire place. The four people run off together. Exterior: the four hold the door shut. Three lions (two male and one female) jump out of window next to door and run off. The four people run off, another lion comes out of window. The four arrive in large room (hotel foyer?) in which people are quietly sitting and reading newspapers. They stop in a line, turn, jump in unison and run off. Lions appear and chaos erupts as the people sitting run in all directions. The four arrive at the bottom of stairs in foyer, they stop, look behind them and run upstairs pursued by lions (the woman is no longer with them). Upstairs they enter room, the lion is just behind. Interior of room (bedroom): last of the men through the door has been caught by lions paw on his back side. A tug of war between the other two men and the lion begins. The men win, they close the door. Outside lion is roaring and scratching door, inside the men try to keep door shut by leaning on it while lion attempts to push door open. Lion stops pushing for a moment, the men open the door to see if lion has gone, one of the men is slapped in the face by lion's paw, they shut door again. Lion and lioness jump through window above door, lioness exits via window above another door in bedroom. Men exit, run down corridor, enter another bedroom pursued by lion. Loop begins in which men run through rooms and corridor pursued by lion. Lion jumps at camera. Man standing at hotel reception making telephone call, lion jumps over reception counter in front of man and disappears behind counter. Man looks confused and yawns. Lion and lioness jump over counter and this time man follows them over. Paper flies as if man is being mauled. His head and shoulders appear above counter, his shirt has gone but he is still wearing hat, he cries for help, lion's paw presses man down and attempts to push him under counter but man resists. He tries to use telephone to ring for help but the lion tries to pull him down. Lions jump out from behind counter and the mauled man follows them. He falls onto floor and as he attempts to get away a lion's paw crashes through reception counter wall and catches him by the seat of his trousers. He tries to pull away and eventually does. In the bedroom the three men have been joined by a tall black man wearing a long night gown, a peaked hat and carrying a long rifle (it says 'Head Porter' on his door). He walks carefully and comically into the corridor and then towards the camera. A lion appears behind him and walks into his bedroom. Inside the room the three men cower in a corner. A bed lies between them and the lion, the lion roars and then gets onto the bed. They run and hide behind screen, one of the men throws a sheet over the lion. Black porter returns, he closes the door, puts chair under door handle, yawns and stretches, gets into bed. Feathers fly as the lion under the sheet attacks the man. Feathers fly, the three men's heads appear from behind screen and act as if they are cold (feathers = snow). The lions chase men into another room, they catch them. Chaos! Two of them come out of the room exhausted and their clothes in tatters. Bevan appears with knife, lion's head and skin, the hero! He drops them and walks downstairs. The woman he rescued is waiting for him, he kisses her hand and they embrace.
Exterior: large dog pushes at the door of a house. Interior: dog has entered house. High on a shelf in the corner of the room is a small child who speaks and points, as if giving instructions to dog. The dog pulls a table and a wooden box into position beneath the shelf. It puts another box on table. Child is sitting next to cuckoo clock which he looks at, pokes and sticks tongue out at while it is cuckooing. Dog finally places a small box on top of the box on the table and thereby creates steps. The child descends after clapping hands and smiling. Once on the ground the child kisses the sitting dog and runs out of door. Exterior: a small cart is parked near entrance and the child gets into it. The dog follows, picks up front end of the cart (like a horse) and runs off with the child in tow.
Women in swimming costumes sitting and standing to right of screen, a technician cleans camera lens to left. Ben Turpin enters and shows woman correct position for diving. He sticks back side out which knocks the technician who falls over taking the camera with him. These women are the Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties who are next seen as a group standing on beach in swimwear. They point and start laughing. Four women sitting on fence while another poses, another then takes her place.
Large man carries an injured small man who has hurt his wrist. A group of men stand close to these two and look concerned. One begins to bandage the casualty's wrist who is being supported by another. He winces in pain as the bandage is roughly wrapped. On completion he smiles, as if the application of the bandage has cured the wrist, and moves away from the man who held him. In doing so it is revealed that the supporting man's wrist has been bandaged and not the patient's. All realise what has happened: the casualty gets upset, the man who supported the casualty throws the bandage off. The injured man, in the excitement, puts his back out and gets stuck in a bent over position. The big man tries to manipulate the back by pushing his back side which only springs back. They sit him on a stool which collapses. He is helped up and the stool fixes itself. This gag is repeated.
Man puts plank of wood up against the side of a barn. As he walks away it begins to fall looking as if it is going to hit him. It just misses.
Man runs at door, jumps, grabs the top of it and it falls on top of him. Line of Keystone Cops (KCs) run out of doorway and over the door that is lying on top of the man. He gets up after the last KC has run off, staggers, knocks into wall, jumps up and down in anger and then runs after the KCs.
Man standing between two KCs on a street. The civilian turns and walks away, the KCs, remaining on either side of him, follow him. After standing still for short period he turns around and walks back towards the camera, the KCs follow. This is repeated but instead of walking back, he runs and is quickly pursued by KCs. Barrel with 'Rubbish' written on its side. KCs enter, they think they have lost him and stand next to the barrel. As they do so one swings his truncheon which hits the barrel. The barrel disintegrates revealing the pursued man. Chase! Man in top hat climbs into parked car. Police enter, car drives off, pursued man is revealed. Chase! Boxes and sacks being lowered into store below pavement. KCs watch it descend and as it does so the man is revealed squatting.
Cross roads. KC van / car speeds into shot, spins and KC falls out, van drives off. KC van stops on level crossing / railway line. A steam train approaches. Van starts again in the nick-of-time. Van driving down street at speed and swerving to avoid other cars on the road.
Car with 'To the Summit' written on the side emerges from river and drives up bank. A car crossing a bridge crashes into another reversing, they both disappear - special effects.
Car drives into shot, man falls out. Another car appears and passes over him. He stands but another car appears so he lies down in order for the car to pass over him. He then stands and runs after another car that is passing by.
Three cars appear over rise and descend into gully. Here they cross each others' paths just missing each other as people run around and guns are fired. Chaos! Banks on both sides and at end of gully. Three cars enter and each one goes up one of the banks and rolls back just missing one or both of the other cars.
Bevan in blacksmith's. Blacksmith works bellows while Bevan sits on them. He is chased off. Three men in blacksmith's: one is using pick axe (PA) behind another who is working on an anvil (A) while the last pumps the bellows (B). As the pick axe goes over PA's shoulder A moves forward so avoiding being struck by the pick. Eventually it does hit A on his backside but he is confused and blames it on B. This is repeated so A punches B. While B is still on the floor the same happens again so A deduces that it must be PA. To get him back A takes a horse shoe from the furnace and places it on PA's back side. Smoke rises from his posterior, PA punches B while A mimes working on anvil, when A realises that PA is looking at him he guiltily picks up hammer. Man enters smithy on back of enormous white horse. He calls PA over who hands A a hot horse shoe. A puts hand into barrel of water for relief, steam! He eventually removes horse shoe which has stuck to his hand and submerges hand in water for further relief, steam! A runs over to horse where PA is filing one of the horse's front hooves. A attempts to pick up one of the horse's rear legs but ends up with a hoof on his foot. Eventually gets horse to move but it pushes PA over. PA chases A with hot horse shoe. A runs into river and attempts to hide by sticking his backside in the air. PA runs into water, brands A's butt with horse shoe. A swims off underwater leaving PA seething.
Two men in suit and ties fishing with rods and looking wealthy. A poorer man joins them, he takes something out of bucket, chews it and throws it into water. He then gives one of the men a club. The recipient appears to suggest that such methods of fishing are ineffective and returns the club. Poor man gets to his knees, the head of a large fish appears, he hits water with club and pulls out an enormous fish. The other two are amazed and throw their rods down as the poor man walks away with the fish. Cross-eyed, skinny life-guard (LG) with moustache wearing a hat and a full length swimming costume with 'Life Guard' written across the front of it is having photograph taken in a photographer's studio with a woman in a swimming costume. Photographer attempts to take photo and the camera collapses. LG and woman stand behind board on which man and woman in car have been painted. They place their heads on the shoulders of the painted characters. The board falls away and the two are now in a bath tub together. LG poses alone and the camera collapses again (the joke is that his face is breaking the camera because he will not smile). Photographer gets replacement camera and uses plastic bird to make LG smile but is unsuccessful. Instead the photographer shows him a bottle of rye (whisky) and LG smiles and the photo is taken. Man (villain) and woman getting into row boat that has out-board motor. The suited fishermen run over and speak to the couple in the boat (one of the men could be the woman's father). Woman gets out of boat, the boat moves away from the quayside, the father falls, his toes on the quay and his hands on the boat, the daughter and the other fisherman helps him up. His white trousers are now dirty. Daughter gets back into boat. Another man ties a rope around a mooring which he sits on. The boat to which the other end of the rope is attached takes off and the mooring (which is an oil drum) and the seated man are pulled into the water and is towed behind boat by rope. Villain raises hat to passing boat until he realises that they are towing a man. They stop, he is pulled on board, woman smooths his hair, villain tries to restart out-board motor which explodes knocking the villain over. The boat begins to circle wildly. Father on shore begins to panic. Boat develops leak which becomes a fountain. Father runs down quay for assistance, finds man cleaning moored row boat at end of line of row boats. Instead of walking along quay the cleaner stumbles / runs from boat to boat. At quayside both men point out to sea. The cleaner tests the depth of the water with an oar. He indicates to the father that it is only waist deep. Cleaner pulls trousers up to his knees and falls into sea and disappears. Father panics and begins to poke the water with a stick, he finds man's hat. He sticks oar into water which is pushed back and then taken away and then thrown at him by the submerged man. On the sinking boat on of the men has a life preserver ring on, he jumps into the sea. The other man pulls a ring over his head and also jumps in. The ring comes off and he swims to the side of the boat. Woman calls for help. Father runs into photographic studio, he grabs the LG who is still having his photo taken with the swimsuited woman. They run out together followed by the woman. The photographer is left trying to take a picture but is unable to find the subjects through the lens. The camera moves slowly in all directions as he tries to get them in the frame. Woman is now on her own in the sinking boat. Father with LG run up to quayside. LG is still wearing hat and smoking cigar. Father points out to sea, LG takes a few run-ups as if he is going to dive from quay, he stops just in time on each occasion. The boat sinks completely and the woman has to swim for her life. LG does another of his pretend dives but when he stops a long shot reveals the height which he has to fall to reach the water and the father's boot which pushes LG over the edge. LG does a comic dive and once in the water retrieves hat and continues to smoke cigar. He swims off and treads water next to the woman who is keeping herself afloat by holding onto a rock. LG continues to smoke cigar, woman holds him around neck and together they swim off. Two men fully dressed staggering out of surf and up beach. LG and woman do the same and are met by father (a small dog follows). Father carries woman to deck chair on beach and sits her down. The skinny LG is acting tough. Father attempts to revive daughter by patting hand and feeling her forehead. The two villains join the trio. Woman has recovered, she thanks LG by shaking his hand, the villains scratch their heads. LG, still smoking, shakes father's hand who gives him money which he places in his hat. The three go off together arm-in-arm.
Man in bowler hat ties rope around the rear axle of a car. He stands and waits on pavement. A man and woman run around corner pursued by bearded chef. The couple jump into the car and the woman drives off. Chef and bowler look on as the car suddenly comes to a stand still, clouds of smoke, and they laugh. The car has stopped on a level crossing and a steam train is approaching. Train smashes into car which pulls the telegraph pole to which it is tied down on to the heads of the chef and bowler. The car now has no chassis and is sliding down road at speed. The man climbs out of the back of the car and attempts to stop it by putting his foot on the ground. The car continues but smoke rises from his shoes. He gets back in the car, it is narrowly missed by a tram. In a railway depot it slides up a ramp and comes to rest on a horse drawn cart that is loaded with straw. The horses set off at a gallop, the owner comes out and jumps up and down in anger. Horses and cart gallop along road, it goes over railway lines, the car is dislodged and falls off back of cart. The two step out of the car relieved that their ordeal is over, they embrace and smile. They suddenly look round in shock - a steam train is approaching. They run out of way and train smashes into car. The two point, they are again relieved and hug. From the other direction another train approaches, the couple run from one line to another in order to avoid it but the train hits some points and heads in their direction. They quickly return to the other track. THE END

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