Film: 9195

History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Lenin and the Russian Revolution. A historical analysis 1960's

Map of Europe showing the Soviet Union. Snow on a Moscow street. A church? Sea beating on a coast. Fisherman hauling in a net full of fish. Reindeer eating in the snow.
Probably some Siberian Nomads. A dog team pulling a sledge. Sand dunes in a desert. Man on camels. A helicopter flying by mountains. A vast plain or steppe.
A large lake or river. A massive forest. Trees falling. A man driving a truck. Mountains beyond a plain. The Kremlin. Leonid Breshnev. Kosygin Kruschev. Josef Stalin. Brian Redhead to camera narrates. First World War artillery fire. Explosions. Galloping horses pulling canon. Artillery fire and explosions. Trench warfare. Russian soldiers crossing a river on horseback. Russian cavalry. Russian trench. The soldiers charge the German positions. Artillery fire. Explosions. Trench warfare. Russian officers. Tsar Nicholas II. With his wife Alexandra at a ceremonial occasion. A court occasion. Army officers. Peasants, some smoking.
A peasant digging. A child with a puppy. A peasant using a horsedrawn plough. A peasant sowing seeds. Peasants working the land. Miners working the land. Miners down a pit. Pushing a truck of coal. Working in a factory. Sweeping snow?
Sleds in a Moscow (?) street. Snow on the ground. Pedestrians in the street. A crowd in a street. A riot in St. Petersburg, March 8 1917.
Soldiers ordered to suppress the riot joined the victors. Removing Statues of the Tsar. Cheering crowds. Cossacks? Riding through the village. A peasant sowing seeds. A horse-drawn plough. A peasant working the land. Kerensky's government. Kerensky. Russian soldiers.
A protest rally demanding an end to the war. A man addressing a vast crowd in St. Petersburg?
Lenin giving a speech. The Bolsheviks. Russian soldiers marching both in city and countryside. A Bolshevik on the phone. A crowded room in the Bolshevik headquarters? Posters on the wall and men with rifles through the room. Bolsheviks plotting. October revolution. The storming of the winter palace, taken from Eisenstein. Lenin. A massive crowd cheering him. German officers. German soldiers marching. Karl Marx. A picture of a city in England from the time of the industrial revolution. A still of the inside of a nineteenth century English factory. Picture of nineteenth century workers homes in England. Homeless people from …nineteenth century England.
Picture of rich English people from mid nineteenth century.
Lenin in an admiring crowd. Ploughing the land. Threshing hay? Working in factories.
People in a street. Trams. Fly-posters. Meeting of a Soviet. Map showing the USSR. Brian Redhead to camera again
Foreign soldiers on horseback. Russian Civil War. British soldiers, American soldiers marching.
American soldiers landing in Britain. White Russians? Soldiers landing. Explosions. Artillery fire. Explosions. Trench warfare. Russian soldiers in snow. German soldiers going home? At the end of the war. Prime Minister Lloyd George. President Woodrow Wilson. Clemenceau. White Russian officers. White Russian cavalry marching. A train transporting troops - presumably White Russians and equipment. White Russian infantry marching. Bolshevik propaganda poster. Red Army soldiers marching. Bolshevik.
Propaganda poster. Red Army troops on parade. Trotsky salutes them. Red Army soldiers cross rail lines. Red Army soldiers load a troop train. The train moves off. A semi-armoured train. Explosions. A cannon mounted on a train fires. Red Army cavalry march. Red Army forces charging . Reconstruction almost certainly Eisenstein. Occasional blue line across film. Red Army column under artillery fire. Red Army cavalry ride past cheering crowds. Ruins and desolation. Wrecked train. A queue outside a building. Bread put in a bag. Starving children. Peasants working. A ship guns fire. Kronstadt muting. Soldiers or sailors running about. Red Army soldiers advance across the ice toward Kronstadt. Brian Redhead . Peasants working the land. A market. Brian Redhead. Lenin lying in state at the Kremlin in Moscow. Red Army soldiers.

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