Film: 9196

History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Russia and the revolution under Stalin 1960's

A military parade in Moscow. Soldiers marching. Missile launchers. Trotsky on a boat. Moscow Trotsky addressing a crowded meeting in a theatre. Trotsky. Josef Stalin. Brian Redhead. Trotsky with probably, his wife The murdered Trotsky.
Russian soldiers marching on parade with fixed bayonets. Stalin watching the parade go past. Women soldiers march past. Anti-aircraft guns mounted on trucks. Horse-drawn machine gun carriages. Motorised infantry and artillery. Stalin with other important communists. Aircraft fly past. Paratroopers dive off an aircraft. They land. A Soviet factory. Street workers. A dam Scientists being taught. Working with machinery. A lecture. Workers being taught to read. Horse drawn ploughs plough a field. Peasants digging a field. Peasants or nomads outside tents. Peasants against collectivisation. Famine. Starving people. People eating. Graph showing the increase of oil, steel and coal production between 1913 and 1940.
Stalin addressing a meeting. Stalin in Red Square watches a parade pass by. A massive portrait of Stalin in relief. Athletes with javelins. Women with tennis racquets. Stalin holding child and flowers. Stalin being applauded.
Show trials. The purges. Hitler inspecting troops. German soldiers marching. German mechanised units. A map showing the expansion of Germany in the 1930's. Nazi-Soviet pact. German fighter aircraft. German tanks. Horse-drawn German units. German bomber aircraft. Explosions. Air raid. City on fire. Map showing Russian expansion at the start of the second world war. Operation Barbarossa. German forces advance. German aircraft bombing the Soviet Union. Fighting on land. German infantry and artillery attacking Soviet forces. Explosions. Soviet prisoners of war. German forces slowed by mud and lack of roads.
Stalin giving a speech. Addressing Soviet soldiers and women. He seems to be making a radio broadcast. A burning street. Russians operating scorched earth policy. Burning buildings, crops etc. A factory in central Russia. It looks like a steel works. Women workers. Steel works or armaments factory. Making weapons. German soldiers digging. Dead bodies. Winter. Graves. Soviet forces counter-attacking. Soviet fighter aircraft. Artillery fire. Soviet soldiers riding on a T34 tank in the snow. T34 tanks. Soviet infantry attacking. Map of central and Eastern Europe showing Nazi conquests and the German 1942 offensive. German forces advance in armoured personnel carriers and motor cycles. German tanks. A half-track with a light cannon mounted on it in a city - Stalingrad. German soldiers fighting in Stalingrad. Explosions. Fighting. German soldiers with a flame thrower. Artillery fire. Explosions. Soviet rockets. Artillery fire. Soviet tank. Soviet troops in a forest fighting. Soviet forces advance to surround Stalingrad. Soviet forces advancing on Stalingrad. Ruins. Fighting in Stalingrad. German soldiers surrendering. German prisoners of war. Soviet T34 tanks advancing towards Germany. Smoke in the sky. A German pillbox. A map of Central and Eastern Europe showing the Soviet advance across Europe to Berlin.
A man walking through snow. Ruins and devastation. Map of Central and Eastern Europe showing Soviet bloc countries - Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria. Eastern European leaders, including Bulgaria's Dimitroff, East German security police and soldiers. East European armies parading. The Iron Curtain. Barbed wire fences. Stalin watching a military parade in Moscow. Soviet tanks. Aircraft flypast. Stalin with other communists. They are applauding. Stalin being applauded. Headlines announcing Stalin's death. Brian Redhead reads the voice over. Stalin lying in state.

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