Film: 9198

Social History | 1940 | Silent | B/W + Colour


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Home movies or amateur footage of a wealthy or upper class family. Probably shot over a long time period between 1930s and 1940s (and possibly some later footage).

Mostly shows family at play, on holiday, socialising, visiting friends and at school sports days. Some parts are in colour and some in black and white.

Two young children walk and run hand-in-hand towards the camera; the ground is covered with snow; there are several trees in the background; the two are dressed identically in berets, trousers and coats. The same two children each pull a small sleigh through the snow; a driveway and part of a large house are in the background. A man in a hat toboggans down a snow-covered slope. Then he does it again, with a child sitting between his legs. A woman in hat and coat, pushes off two children on a sleigh down the same slope. The sleigh comes to a halt near a tree. The two children pull the sleigh back up the slope. The two parents push the two children, each on a sleigh, off down the slope; their dog runs around them. The children stand by as the two parents each strap themselves into a sleigh. The children watch as the parents toboggan down the slope. The father, in a hat, tumbles off the sleigh into the snow at the bottom of the hill; a woman standing nearby points at him. One of the children toboggans down the slope. The father toboggans down the slope with one of the children between his legs, while the mother stands watching.

Three children walk with their nanny and their dog along a garden path; two of the children are about five or six and one is much younger; the two older children wear hats (the boy wears a balaclava and the girl a felt hat) and tailored coats and wellingtons; the baby wears a little dress and a pointed knitted hat; she is barely walking; the nanny is wearing a uniform coat. The same scene from behind, as the two older children help their sister to walk, holding her hands, and the dog jumps up. Close shot of the same scene. The little girl walks towards the camera on her own, while the others watch. The little girl continues walking along the path on her own and the others walk behind. The young boy in the balaclava rides around a driveway in a pedal car, while the nanny and the dog look on. Rear view of the same scene; at the back of the pedal car is a trailer, in which the baby is sitting. More shots of the same. The older girl now drives her sister in the pedal car; the boy walks along beside them and the nanny looks on. Another shot of the same scene; in the background, part of a car is seen in the garage.

Four people stand by a car outside a shop; three are 'county' set women (one dressed in a riding habit) and the fourth is a man in army (?) uniform; they talk and laugh together. Brief shot of a hunt meeting; several dogs run around on the grass as a crowd of people stands behind.

The older boy and girl from the scene before last help several adults to brush away snow; one of the children has a very long rake; the adults have broom-sticks which they use to brush the snow off a frozen lake. A woman skates on the lake, while the two children and their nanny and another woman stand nearby; they all join hands and skate and walk towards the camera; the girl slips on the ice. As a man continues to sweep away the snow, a woman skates proficiently on the ice. Another woman skates on the ice as the children and other adults run and walk about on it. They all hold hands and come towards the camera.

A little girl, in a beret and short skirt, leads a donkey through a wooded garden; a man (father?) in cap and long overcoat, walks alongside. The same girl plays on a lawn with her younger sister or brother as their nanny, in uniform, looks on. The girl walks towards the camera holding her younger sibling's hand; the little child pulls a toy behind. Similar shots. The girl drives the pedal car, with the younger child in the back, along the side of a house; two men, in cloth caps, walk along behind; also two dogs. The two men, one smoking a pipe, stop and look up at the house. Close up of the young child in the back of the pedal car.

Man, dressed for golf and smoking a pipe, swings a golf club on a field. Same man swings again, watched by a man and a woman; the on-looking man takes off his cap and waves it in the air; the woman touches her hat. A similar scene, but the three have been joined by the young girl in the beret and skirt; after the golfer has taken his swing, the on-looking man raises his arms in jubilation.

A child, about five or six, stands in a stable courtyard; around the child are seen the legs of adults and a horse. Close up of the head of the blinkered horse, with men putting on its bridle. Close up of the horse, in all its bridle etc, walking around the stable courtyard, held on a lead by a man. The horse now stands, hitched up to an open carriage; the men and the child stand next to it. The horse pulls the carriage, full of people, through a wooded garden; a dog runs behind. A similar shot, with a man walking alongside. The horse and carriage, with two men and the child inside, stands outside part of a large, white stone house; a man stands nearby. Rather dark shot of the horse and carriage outside a large house; several people and dogs are milling around; three people (two men in suits and a white-haired woman) link arms and walk towards the camera.

Shot of a small dog seen through the legs of a horse on a sunny day; the horse moves off. A young boy (about six) plays on the lawn with his younger sister (just walking); both have pull-along toys. The little girl runs towards the camera, across the lawn. The two children play on the lawn in front of a large white house. The boy pushes his younger sister, who sits in a little trolley, around the garden. The boy kneels to look at flowers in a flower-bed, while his little sister stands nearby. The two children walk hand in hand around blossoming fruit trees in a walled garden. Close up of one of the fruit trees. The two children run down a path in the large garden, towards their nanny (dressed in a light blue uniform). They then run back towards the camera.

A man leads a donkey, carrying two children; two more children and two dogs walk alongside. A man leads a donkey carrying one child; three dogs run alongside.

Two little terrier dogs watch on (their backs to the camera) as a man in a soft cap bends over, with his hands on another dog, in the middle of a wood. The man, still bent over, steps back through the wood; part of a white ferret, on the ground, is barely visible. The man puts a white ferret into a hole in the ground, holding up a piece of net with his other hand. Close up of the two terrier dogs watching. The man holds a white ferret in his hand and puts it in a hole in the ground, under a net. Close up of the man bending over a dog, as the dog watches the area closely.

A man pushes another man in a wheelchair through a wooded garden; a child pushes another child in the small pedal car, alongside. Close up of the two children and the pedal car. Close up of the two men; the one sitting in the wheelchair has a newspaper on his lap and is larking around. Close up of the child getting out of the pedal car and running towards the camera. The two children come out of the front door pretending to be soldiers (carrying poles over their shoulders). The younger one gets into the pedalcar.

The parents (smartly dressed) lead along a donkey, carrying one of the children; the other child (in a tailored coat) walks alongside. The mother lifts up the second child to sit behind the first one on the donkey. The mother leads the donkey, carrying the two children, around the wooded garden.

Close up of two tiny puppies lying on the ground outside, next to a large wicker basket; a man's hand lifts another puppy out of the basket and puts it next to the basket. A boy (about six) holds and strokes one of the puppies. Close up of one of the puppies, held in someone's hands. Three puppies lying on the lawn. The children's parents stand behind a small wall outside the white stone house; a small child sits on the wall. A woman, in suit and pearl, kneels on the lawn by a dog which is licking its puppies; other people stand around; a terrier dog also walks into shot. Close up of the first dog with its three puppies, and the terrier dog, on the lawn. A woman holds a puppy up to the camera, as a man stands in the background.

A young woman pushes a large pram, containing a child, near a greenhouse Close up of foliage, with insect nest. Man in protective hat (with netting) and gloves shakes the bush vigorously and walks away, covered in bees (?), holding a wicker basket containing bees (?).

Woman, in suit and pearls, sitting in sun lounger on lawn outside the large white house, holding a knife. Rear view of a woman, in (military?) uniform, with large kit bag on her back, walking away down the driveway; she looks back over her shoulder and waves. The same woman, walking towards the camera, is greeted by a dog.

Two man and a woman walk out of farm (?) sheds with two children and two geese and dogs. Close up of the geese, with the children and adults walking behind. The two geese fight briefly with one of the dogs. The two geese, with two goslings walking between them, waddle down a garden path, with the children and adults in the background. The geese and their young in a chicken-wire pen, with two men nearby.

Two children (one older then the other, both in dungarees) walk hand in hand down a driveway, away from the camera. The same children walking and running towards the camera.

Two children (both in hats) in a corn or hay field; one sits on, and one stands near, a large tractor. Close up of a dog sitting near the tractor. Close up of another dog in the hayfield. Close up of the two children, one standing and one sitting holding a small dog; another dog sits nearby. Close up of a puppy in the hayfield. Close up of the children in the hayfield with a dog. The two children and dogs running through the hayfield. Two men in straw hats use long rakes (?) to load hay on to a haystack; a long ladder is propped against the stack; one of the children watches. Another view of the same scene, with a second child standing on the bottom of the ladder, with a woman nearby. Close up of the child on the ladder. The two men help the small child on to the top of the haystack. The older child is then also helped up. The ladder is taken away, as a man continues to work and the children sit on top of the stack.

A woman leads kids (ie goats) through a garden; two children and dogs walk alongside. A woman leads a Shetland pony carrying a child along a wooded path; other children and adults follow; one of the women pulls a pram behind her. Close up of the child on the pony, with other children around. Various shots of the same scene; in the background is a very large mansion. Close ups of the child on the pony.

Snow scene: two women push three children on bicycles through the snow; one woman waves to the camera. The five play in the snow, throwing snowballs. Various shots of the same scene, with a dog jumping up, the children running. Two older (teenage?) girls come out of the house and join in the fun. The five children hold hands (standing together in order of height) and run through the snow towards the camera. Shot of them all playing in the snow. Dog running through the snow towards the camera.

A woman pushes two children on a bicycle past the large white house, followed by a dog. Closer shot of the same; the children wear berets and tailored coats with velvet collars. Close up of the younger child, and then of the older and the woman. The older child rides the bicycle across the lawn as the younger walks hand in hand with the woman (dressed in suit and hat).

The same children running through the garden of a large, old house, with dogs and the woman. More shots of the same. Close up of the woman. The two children coming through a V-shaped stile.

Two men working on top of a large, green haystack (?); a child also stands on top; as a joke, one of the men buries the child with the hay and the child then emerges. A man helps the child down the ladder propped against the haystack.

Two men play an animated game of cricket with a little boy with a cricket bat. Close up of the little boy. The boy and his little sister sit on a wooden garden bench with their father and dogs; their father wears a jacket and tie. Close up of the younger child and dog. Close up of the father patting the dog. Close up of the older child, holding his hand over his eyes to protect them from the sunlight. The two children, with father and a dog, standing in the garden. The two children, holding hands, walk towards the camera through the trees.

Two geese, with man and child standing nearby. The father stands talking to an estate worker (?) and the two children. The four walk hand in hand along a garden path.

The younger child pushes a toy lawnmower across the lawn; the older child walks alongside. Close up of the two children embracing.

Various shots of children in bathing suits running across a beach and paddling.

Titles: August 1930 - February 1931; the Cedars, Broadheath Common; Thorngrove, Worcester; Worcester-London road; SS Olympic. A boy in shorts, holding a gun, walks across a field, away from the camera. The boy leans over a fence, aiming the gun. View of a lake, seen between trees. The boy walks through a field; there is a mansion in the distance. A woman holding a golf club walks across a lawn. Close up of her as she takes a shot. The woman takes her aim, as the boy in shorts stands nearby. More distant view of the lawn, as the boy takes a golf shot. Various shots of the boy, including as he aims at the hole in the middle of a clock golf circle. The boy's father turns him towards the camera and cuddles him from behind as they both smile for the camera. Same position with the boy and his mother. A smartly-dressed woman in a fashionable hat and a man walk towards the camera, with a wooded park in the background. The man watches as the boy in shorts aims his gun. The man, the fashionable woman and another woman stand on the driveway of a large, ivy-clad classical house. View of the huge house. Another shot of the three people. Close up of the boy in shorts repeatedly loading his gun and firing. The two women bending over a tall, thin object stuck in the grass. The two women walking towards the camera. Close up of the man, cigarette in mouth and wearing a hat. View of a lake, surrounded by a park with trees. The boy in shorts in a boat with a fishing net. The boy sitting in the boat on the lake eating chocolate. View of the lake. The boy standing up rowing the boat with one oar. Views of the lake, including a low bridge. More shots of the boy rowing. Close up of the bridge arch, with lake beyond. Close up of the boy in the boat.

An expensive looking open-top car with a child standing on the running board and a woman inside. The child picking his way through bushes at the edge of a field of cows. Close up of the woman in the car; she wears dark glasses, a fashionable hat and a leather (?) coat; she seems to be getting a picnic out of carrier bags. Close up of road sign 'Berryfield half a mile. Quainton four and a half miles for cyclists'; trees beyond the sign. The child, in a hat, rests against the bonnet of the car; the car has a mascot on the bonnet, which looks like a man with his arms raised above his head. Close up of the child eating. View of cows and a calf being walked down a road by a farmer.

Two women, one in fashionable hat, standing between the columns of the grand entranceway to the ivy-clad house; the camera zooms in on one of the women (who wears a white shirt and tie). Close up of a Jack Russell dog. Two male servants, in winged collars, carry luggage out to the car, past the two women in the entranceway.

People standing on a (mostly unseen) ship (SS Olympic?). Various shots too dark to make out. A man in a jacket and smoking a large cigar. People coming out of a door on the ship, followed by the captain (?).

Titles: April - June 1931 Wappingthorn, Steyning, Sussex; West Sussex Golf Club, Pulborough; St Aubyn's, Rottingdean; Abingworth, Pulborough.

Close up of a woman in a fashionable hat, standing by a house with leaded light windows. Close up of a man outside the same large house. Close up of a baby in a woman's arms, outside the same house. A boy, smartly dressed (with jacket and tie) dribbles a football across the lawn. Close up of the boy, with another boy and girl in the background. Close up of the other boy, with the older boy with the football behind him, trying to get into camera shot. Close up of the girl in a floral frock and jumper, with a bow in her hair, and the boy with the football trying to get into shot. The three children play with the ball on the lawns. Various shots of the same scene, one including a car parked at the entrance to a grand building. More distant shot of the large, old house, with the car outside, and flagpole on the lawn, with flag (unidentified) at full mast.

Boys running fast around a playing field, surrounded by detached, suburban houses. Shots of children, sitting in the field, mucking about. Shots of children hurdling at some sort of sports day being held in the field. Various shots of the sack race. Shots of several children in uniform (light jumper and felt hat).

A man stands by as a woman wields a golf club in a garden (?). A man and woman walk through the garden of a large house. A man and woman look at a camera which the woman is holding; they are standing outside a large house. The couple, with the camera, on the lawn, together with another woman who is wearing a beret. Dog running on the lawn. Man with camera taking a photograph, in the garden. Man with camera stands on a lawn with four other people (one man in golfing clothes with plus two trousers stopping at the knees and carrying a golf club). Close up of a woman taking a very energetic swing at a golf ball and then milling around with the people watching. Close up of the man in golfing clothes taking a swing; the ball is then chased by a dog. The man, carrying his golf club, then chases the dog around the lawn. Shots of the people standing watching.

A car sits at the grand entrance to a large house; on the lawn of the house the people are playing golf. Two of the women from the last scene in a rowing boat. Close up of one of the men, with the dog jumping up at him. View of the beautiful garden.

Titles: June 1931 Abingworth; Wappingthorn; St Aubyn's, Rottingdean.

Man standing by edge of lake, pulling at some string tied to a fence. View of large house seen through trees at the lakeside. A man and a child in a rowing boat; the man has a huge cigar in his mouth; the house is in the background. View of the garden with a man in a suit walking around. Close up of a small garden pond with a gnome. Another view of the man and child in the rowing boat. Shot of one end of the house and gardens. Close ups of black dog. Close up of tulip beds. Dark shot of man and woman sitting in lounge. Child in sun hat standing in garden, with a man. Baby in hat in pram in garden. A child then looks into the pram. A child runs across the lawn. Men and women relaxing in the garden (sitting and lying). Women in large sun hats (one is absolutely enormous) sit, or lie on sun-bed mattresses, along the wall of a large brick house. Two children lie on the ground with their mother, who reads a paper. A mother and two children standing outside the large brick house. Close up of another woman. Close up of a couple, the woman reading a newspaper; the man smoking. Close up of a young woman walking across the lawn. Close up of two women sitting on the lawn. Rear view of huge woman's hat; as the wearer turns around, it is seen to be a man, who falls back on the lawn roaring with laughter.

Many people (dressed up with hats and parasols) at a sports day. Various shots of the scene; the men wear suits and hats; the playing field is surrounded by suburban houses. The long jump. Various shots of participants and spectators. Hurdling. High jump. A group of men, all with their jackets off and wearing braces, run in the fathers' race. Obstacle race. Marching.

A family group is gathered around a black car; a boy in jacket and plus twos; a young woman in a stylish trouser suit, another young woman and an older woman; the number plate of the car is '9A209'; it is parked in the countryside. A man holds the door open as one of the women gets into the car. The man and the boy walk through stunning countryside (in Canada?), with a clear blue lake and hills. Close ups of the lake and surrounding trees. Close up of a couple and child rowing on the lake. More views of the lake and close up of a woman in the boat. A second woman in the boat uses her gun to demonstrate to the boy, who also has a gun , how to take aim. Views of the landscape. The couple come out of a holiday home by the lakeside. The man walks between the autumn trees. The two women walk down through the countryside; one wears a huge maple leaf in her jacket. View of group in the boat on the lake; a girls rows while the two men are shooting. Close up of one of the men. Two women walk through stunning woodland; all the leaves are autumn gold; one of the women pretends to take aim and shoot. Close up of a white rag hanging as a flag from a horizontal post. The post is attached to a hut in the woodland. A man walks through the woods. Views of the lake, with the boat. Close up of the two men, woman and boy in the boat. A man, holding a gun, helps a young woman over uneven ground at the lakeside. Two children and a man standing at the water's edge. A large but plain house set in this wonderful countryside. A shot of the countryside, with lake. Another view of the house, with log cabin in the foreground and black car parked in front. A child walks towards the camera, with the house in the background. The same shot, but with a woman walking towards the camera, and three black cars parked in the background. A similar shot with another woman. The two women and the child walk along carrying their guns and the game they have shot; behind them is a hotel sign. A man leans over a wooden fence and holds a dead bird; a woman with a gun joins him, and then the child with a gun also comes over.

Two children, fully clad, play in the snow; one wears skis; in the background are two large houses. The second child now wears the skis. The two children walk down a snow-covered road, between trees. The two children walk through deep snow in a field. People ski down a hillside between trees. Women and children in a play area; various shots of the children playing on the slide and climbing frame. Shot of children running through snow towards the camera, with various houses in the background. A house in the snow-covered woods, with a smoking chimney. Close up of the house, with a crowd of people standing around outside, drinking from plastic cups; then a long queue of people carrying containers. Close up of an outside food kitchen (?). People queuing for the food kitchen, carrying containers. Wider view of the same scene. Close up of a woman eating outside. Close up of a woman feeding a child outside. Close up of children and mother eating outside. Similar shots of the same.

A young woman running about playing tennis on a court. View of her male partner, with other courts beyond. Two men, in tennis whites, sit relaxing with a woman. Two women, holding tennis racquets, and a man walk across a lawn, with a lake beyond. Another view of the three as they walk towards a very large house, with striped blinds over its windows. Views looking down over a coastline. Someone stands hoeing in a hedged vegetable garden; two women, one with a wicker basket, enter the garden. The two women leave that garden, walk across a driveway, and enter another similar garden. They seem to pick and smell some leaves; a large thatched (?) cottage is in the background. A man in jacket and tie and a woman in trousers and blouse walk through a beautifully kept garden, by a stunning flowerbed. Another couple (the woman holding a wicker basket) sit in the same garden, next to a pond; they walk around the garden. View of the coast through the garden. The woman with the basket (and wearing a thin turban-style headband) sits on a garden path, leaning over to smell a row of flowers. A pretty cottage, with roses around the door and shuttered windows; the woman in trousers is going up the steps to the front door. The woman (who is now carrying the wicker basket which the other woman previously had) looks at the roses around the door and walks down the steps. Close up of the same woman, with the basket full of flowers.

A large white timber-clad house of an unusual style. Another view of the same house with a flagpole flying the Union Jack.

Two women sit on a log in the countryside; they have fashionable hairstyles; one is smoking and the other is drinking. Distant view of a ship on the sea. Panoramic view of the sea. The two women (who were sitting down) now stand on cliffs near the sea. A family group, of three women (one wearing the thin turban-style headband), one man and a boy, is sitting outdoors. A young woman in a fashionable swimming costume (with a slight skirt) and swimming hat stumbles out of the sea; a boy swims behind her. The woman and child walk towards the camera; the woman takes off her hat. A man (wearing shorts but no top) and a woman sit on grass sunning themselves.

Close up of wooden poles with wrought iron work, including a wrought iron cockerel, against a blue sky. View further down the same wooden poles, where a sign is hanging: 'The Chantecler Year Round Resort. Ste. Adele en Haut'; in the background is a snow-covered wooded mountain. View of the hotel (?) at the resort, all snow-covered. A group of children and adults, standing just outside the hotel or a chalet, prepare their skis and pose for the camera. A couple ski along a snow-covered road towards the camera. Skiers skiing sown a slope. Close up of a woman standing in her skis. View of a massive house/hotel, with skiers on the nearby slope. Various shots of skiers at the resort. Shot of family (?) group as they pose in their skis on a slope, with buildings behind. Shots of people walking downhill in skis; one falls over. View looking down from a mountainside over a wide snow-covered wooded area with a large hotel. Panoramic view of the area. Close ups of family (?) members against a wooded background. Various shots of skiers. Family (?) group as they pose in a line (in height order) in their skis; a building is in the background. Various shots of the same people. Shots of the same group skiing. Shots of a child dragging a sleigh through snow. View of houses seen through trees in a snow-covered landscape. Snow-covered landscape (no buildings). Distant view of a town in a snow-covered landscape, with church spire. Children and adults running and skiing down a snow-covered road. More views of the town in snow-covered landscape. A child runs through the snow towards the camera. Another view of the town and the snow. Various shots of people skiing and sleighing down a slope. Snow-covered landscape with a single carriage train or tram running through.

Three children, wearing bobble hats, shirt and ties and coats, come out of a carved wooden door in the stone-carved entranceway of a large, grand building; they walk across the snow. A woman, in hat and boots, walks with two of the children down the snow-covered driveway of the large house, which is in the background. Another shot of the same scene, with another woman (in fur coat and hat) and the third child as well. A dark shot as the two women, and a man in army (?) uniform, approach a car. View, across a snow-covered garden, of a large modern school building. One of the children in the bobble hats and his father walk through the snow. One of the women and one of the children walk through the snow; the large school building is in the background. A more distant shot of the building; its grounds totally snow-covered. Young people on a frozen lake playing ice-hockey, seen through trees. Various shots of snow-covered wooded landscape. Close up (but very dark) of a man standing at an upstairs window of a large brick house. Dark shot of group of people standing about in the snow. Close up of a stone plaque detailing the destruction of the (unidentified) school by fire and its rebuilding in 1930. A boy bends over in the snow to adjust his skis. Boys playing ice-hockey on a fenced frozen area.

A man, in jacket and tie, walks arm in arm with a woman in a fashionable hat; a large brick building is in the background. An elderly man, in black suite and tie, pushes a large grass roller across a lawn. A woman, in a blue suit and matching hat, helps a young child walk across a lawn; cricket stumps and balls are lying about the lawn. An older boy, wearing a smart black uniform (?) with long trousers, plays with a yo-yo while a younger boy, similarly dressed but in short trousers, looks on; a large, brick building is in the background. A third boy, similarly dressed but also wearing a cap, now stands with the other two as they pose for the camera. Two of the boys and two men play on the witch's hat in a playground, while the third boy and a girl look on. One of the boys playfully tackles his father, trying to lift one of his legs off the ground. Four women, all smartly dressed and with typical period clothes and hairstyle, stand talking outside a large brick building.

A man and two young children walk through a garden. Close ups of a flowering bush/tree. A child smells irises in the garden. Shots of a child walking and then running through the garden. The child watches its mother as she kneels gardening. A man lies on a platform in the water at the edge of a lake; he waves to the camera. Panorama of the lakeside. Someone swims through the water. Colourful flowerbeds. A tub of bright pink flowers in the corner of a wooden-fenced patio/balcony. Two men lie and sit by a flower-bed in a garden. Close up of the pink flowers, with the men nearby. Another shot of the same scene.

A dark shot of two horses pulling a sleigh, laden with people, through snow. A child skiing, and stumbling, through snow. A child tobogganing down a slope. A child skiing down a slope. A man shovels snow off the heavily snow-covered roof of an outhouse next to a house. Two people shovel snow into a cart. Two horses, pulling a cartload of snow, are driven through the snow. Rear view of the same, with two people following the cart. More distant view of the horses pulling the cart towards the camera along a tree-lined avenue. A closer view of the cart. The cart stops.

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