Film: 920

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Japan 1960's

Opening with a map of Japan and the various islands. The Northern most province of HOKKAIDO and N.HONSHU Plenty of snow scenes shown. Horse and sled travels across the snow. Map of South West; KYUSHU. Palm fringed pacific coast. Map of Honshu. Waves roll in off the ocean to a snow covered coatline. Another map. Rocky coastline of the Boso Peninsular panning inland to agricultural fields. A woman agricultural worker picks flowers. A train in the distance, with fields of workers in the foreground. Aerial view of train on viaduct and the complex area of tracks in Tokyo. Tokyo city scenes. Street level views with crowded pavements. Construction, new buildings going up. Country people still live quite primitively, road improvements and repairs being done with little modern equipment apart from concrete. The building of a new Motorway between Tokyo and Osaka diggers and other heavy earth moving equipment construct the motorway. Men digging at the roadside. Truck drives toward the camera along a dusty road. A Power Station in the middle of a rice field. Workers in a laboratory and using electron microscopes. Workers at drafting boards. -Assembly line of workers. Close up of woman working on components. Cargo being loaded onto a ship. Crates stacked ready for export/import. Aerial views of a port and heavily industrialised area. Aerial views of Tokyo.

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