Film: 921

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | Colour


Canada in World War Two. Culture and industry 1940's

good Toronto street scenes, making tanks and aircraft.
Toronto harbour, airplanes on the harbour front. A train goes out of the railway yard with a belch of smoke, a large transport ship comes into the harbour. Up University Avenue behind Union Station. University of Toronto. University art gallery? Paintings., artist's signature, possibly some group of seven. More University. Soldiers in a common room read books. A scientist swirls liquid around in a beaker. Young women in the laboratory. Workers entering the factory. A busy street in Toronto ( did the policemen there used to wear bobby hats?) Montreal streets. Tank manufacture. Good shots of laying the tread and workers using power tools. Ammunition manufacture. Men making shells. Aircraft factory in Vancouver building American Catalinas. Montreal factory making other planes for the British Air Force training plan. A war march, with signs in French. 'Quebec is in the Fight for Freedom'. The Houses of Parliament. Mounties on their horses. Busy streets in Ottawa. Red trolley cars on the streets of Ottawa beneath a banner for the Ottawa community Chest. Construction with wood of new buildings. Outline of a sailor on a ship at sunset. A sailor does morse code at night.

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