Film: 9210

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Aborigines in Australia 1960's

Educational film explaining the primitive ways of the aboriginal people. Filmed in a tropical environment in Australia, probably North Queensland, the film focuses on one family group. The eat together under a tree around a fire, Mother father and three children, cooking a possum or similar animal over the coals. Son and father dig up a root to make a boomerang, filing it down and firing it. The family goes to the coast to throw the boomerang, after a couple of tries the boomerang comes back.
The film ends with the narrator standing in front of a map of Australia. He explains that at the time of white Europeans arriving in Australia there were over 500 tribes of aborigines spread right across Australia. He explains that the tribe he is descended from is the Wiradjuri, who were wiped out by the white settlers.

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