Film: 9216

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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World War Two 1940's

Seine boat trip for soldiers. Canadian troops. Cross channel exercise. Montgomery gives soldiers medals. Rationing in Paris. Heavy ack ack, anti aircraft guns on south coast of England. Lord Wavell inspects the Black Watch. Landing craft offloading jeeps and tanks in Italy.

Seine Boat trip in 'Hospitality Jane'. The boat is moored along the edge of the Seine. Canadian soldiers sit at the coffee tables on the covered deck, one waves to someone on the shore. POV towards one of the Seine bridges. Good side shot of the Canadian troops on board the Hospitality Jane. A nice looking young waitress serves some food to two soldiers sitting on the deck. The soldiers have adopted the French moustache! The captain on the bridge. Passing the Eiffel Tower. One Canadian Women's Auxiliary member holds onto her hat as the wind picks up. Soldiers on deck with their sweethearts or visiting family? Notre Dame. A soldier and his girlfriend at the stern of the ship.
Refugees returning to their homes. They carry bags and bundles as they walk over the cobblestones of a destroyed town square of Canne, both children and adults. One person pushes a bicycle. A couple of girls push and pull a wagon with a mattress on it. Sign for a Civil Affairs Bureau. A man wrestles with a huge sack of corn/ wheat on the back of wagon. A baker puts the huge sack of flour on his back and carries into a warehouse. The civil guard pulls another bag free. A boulangerie/ patisserie sign. Sign for the distribution of bread to a school at 10 to 12 o'clock. A line up for bread at the bakers, a woman comes out with her loaves. A sign showing how much each person is allowed and how much it costs. Two people share their bread and cheese.
The Building of the Maple Leaf, the editorial buildings of the Canadian Armed forces newspaper. A crowd of hungry looking villagers Listening to radio broadcasts over the loudspeakers. Sign for the Liberation movement headquarters. Parading military guns, tanks and vehicles in front of important people. A large group of motorcycles. A regiment of Canadian infantry. Montgomery? Lieutenant Colonel Roberts of the Infantry brigade, Lieutenant colonel McTavish CRE of a division. Lieutenant colonel Gordon of an Armoured regiment all receive military awards. Victory bonds!!! Buy victory bonds! Soldiers listen to a victory bond seller. 'Save to beat the Devil.' A gun maintenance crew working on a field gun. They are approached by a victory bond salesman and they drop tools to listen to him.
Footage from D-Day? Cross Channel manoeuvres. Soldiers with gear on their backs in large warehouse where a train waits for them. Soldiers pile onto trains. Two hang out the window and wave. Tanks driving along coastal roads. Machinery boarding landing craft. Men haul on the ropes to get a gun on board. A man marks out positions on a map. Boats in the water. Vapour trails in the air as the Air force flies over to bomb German airfields. The test returns to England, the boats all in a line.
Heavy Ack-Ack Canadian Heavy and Light Ack-ack gunners in their holes in the ground. One blows a whistle as his partner moves the telescope into position. The gunners run to their foxholes. The gunnery team jumps on the gun and starts to turn it. The lookout yells out co-ordinates. The gun is loaded and is shot off. The gun is loaded again. And the loader pulls the trigger once he is out of the way. The two guns go off from the foxholes.
Lord Wavell's Inspects the Black Watch. Lord Wavell gets out of his car and shakes the hand of ? He inspects the Black Watch of Canada. The Black watch marches away to the sound of the traditional bagpipes. Wavell speaks. The troops give him a hurray!.

Italy. The new tank landing ship. A huge ship that the front opens once it is beached. Traditional landing craft. Troops come out of the ship as well! Canadian troops relaxing. The recording facilities of two engineer war correspondents. A man fiddles with recording equipment, he records onto records. The two men in the back of a jeep recording sounds.
Working through to northern Italy. Moving through rough terrain, boiling roads out of stone, pushing a jeep through mud. Pushing a motorcycle through mud. Mule trains help get goods and people through the mountains. Marching through the mountains. Monty's men were needed! Canadian troops drive through a village and waved at by the villagers. Monty drives through a village in Italy. People wave and hold up signs. Children wave from a balcony.

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