Film: 9220

Geography | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Canada landform regions. Aerial shots of Canadian landscapes and wilderness.

Map of Canada showing three different geological areas: the Canadian shield, the sedimentary rock area and the mountain area. Aerial views of the Canadian shield area. Lots of small lakes interspersed with islands of deciduous trees near Lake Superior. Bare rock crops up through the ground, never far from the surface. Aerial view of an open pit mine in Steep Rock Lake in Ontario. North of the tree line, there is more rock and fewer trees, only in the valleys. Moss an lichen cover the rock.
The map of Canada again, the sedimentary rock region covers the Western Plains, the St. Lawrence Lowlands, the Hudson bay region and the Arctic Islands. The rock soil of the st. Lawrence lowlands, the farming area south of Montreal, Quebec. Neat lines of hay and straw bundled on the fields. Cows lay in the fields. A power station on the St. Lawrence, where there is a lot of human activity. Good aerial views of industrial plants.
The Great Plains region to the west, covering parts of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. The yellow, grain covered area of the farming plains. The Regina Plain in Saskatchewan. A tiny town laid out in grid pattern, the grain elevators lining the railroad. A dugout, to catch the spring run off, the farm is surrounded by trees to stop the prairie wind. Further west in Alberta, the land is more rolling, with steep river valleys and hills. The more forested north area, Aerial view of a tractor clearing land. Norman Wells on the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories. The marshy muskeg of the Hudson Bay lowland and the north lowlands, already frozen over.
The map of Canada again. Showing the Cordillera of the Rocky and Coastal Mountains, to the north the Innuition, and the Appalachians to the east. Aerial views of the Rocky Mountains. The snow covered Rockies , an alpine lake. The Thompson River Valley, a plateau between the Rockies and the Coast Mountains. Water sprinkler cover a field and the green plants abruptly stop at the edge of the water, only scrub land covers the hills. The Fraser River? Or the Thompson, hemmed in by the steep canyon walls. The Fraser Valley. The Coastal Region, mists cover the trees. Tugboats pulling rafts of logs. The gulf island between Vancouver and Vancouver island or the sunshine coast.

The northern mountains, the innuition. The peaks of the Mountains are just visible above the snow. It looks like a snowy desert.

The Appalachian Mountains in eastern Canada. The St. John River Valley in New Brunswick, created by erosion. The high cliffs of the coastline with the Atlantic. Fishermen in boats.

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